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Hey everyone, I thought I’d let you all know about this. So PUBG is getting a lite version that is free to play. I can’t play it personally as it’s not available in Canada. I put a video below from a YouTuber named JackFrags who does a bit of a review of the game. This is not a steam game by the way. Anyway, the system requirements are way lower now They can be found along with the download in the link below. Also found below is a list of all supported countries. Finally, I’d like to point out that there is a mobile version that seems to be available everywhere.


That almost looks interesting to try out some time. I wonder what’s up with the rather short list of countries it’s available in though and now I’m curious about their Vatican player numbers.


Country not supported, per usual.


Mine is supported but i’m like really really not interested :smiley:


I’ll try most things once. pets sloth Just not Payday 2. No. Lots of nope. Stephen King knows why.