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Psn questions


So I keep getting random messages on my psn and am worried about my security. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to try to make it more secure? What the reason I’m writing is someone sent me this today and I’m just like befuddled. I’m like man is this Morpheus or just another like hacker. What are you thoughts?


what is this?


Bots are everywhere, what’s there to be worried about? Except the inevitable downfall of our species ofc. Automation and AI is taking over, get ready to serve the new masters.


I mean best thing to do with stuff like that is delete it without opening and reading it right?

I constantly get stuff like it on twitter and it tells me not to open it at all.


But you see, machine learning is the future! I mean, look at how they’re able to suit our needs well with corporations mining all of our every detail of our lives.
Edit: to be serious, I’m not against AI as a whole. It can be beneficial to mankind as a whole, but they can also become scary towards it. At this point everyone has joked about Orwellian futures, so no need for me to repeat. Heck, machine learning is also an exciting development for us, potentially helping reduce work and all that for us humans. I don’t want to sound like those dudes at seminars talking about only the good things about AI with admittedly overly idealistic lingo, as you can tell.
As for the group thingy, I actually had a similar experience in Whatsapp, where some bot or whatever hunts down some accounts and have them be in a group. It legit kind of scares me, but I don’t know what it is, which might be kind of worse.
And I also apologise if this thread suddenly becomes a debate session for AI.