PSA For those of us who just love to derail a topic.

Hi everyone.
This evening we had some fun talking about barely tangential topics in the game dealz thread. Previously we managed to derail the Statistics on streaks thread as well as most giveaway threads, though I doubt anyone has really minded as they’re more of a party than a proper discussion or info source.

All these derailments have been a lot of fun and some even leading to good information being spread. I wouldn’t want to be a scowl and suggest it gets banned or stopped, but they’re not really a good habit for a useful forum and people might skip posting and engaging in a fun discussion because they don’t want to go off topic.

So I sat here thinking about talking to @lonin about how to go about maybe splitting threads. Usually as a mod you’d have tools to merge threads that are too similar, I wasn’t sure splitting was an option. But for that to be a thing though we’d need lonin or someone to hang around at all moments in time and split threads as we have our ways with them and that’s just not viable, there’s got to be a better way!

Looking around a little I found this neat option:

Clicking the highlighted +New Topic lets you create a new thread with your response with an automatic linking to the post in the old thread. This way if we know we have a really good and/or funny reply that’s entirely off topic or we’re noticing the discussion heading in that direction your next reply could be a new topic, with these simple steps!

Save the threads from the horror if tangents without spoiling any of the fun!


At first I thought you said, “Spitting” and I was thinking “Ewwwww”


You got the PSA idea from what i sent ya didn’t you, steal that from me too why don’t ya! You dreadful, dreadful man. :rage:

Anyway, like you, i’ve been thinking about topic splitting and some other changes, i already suggested to @lonin (see @Fraggles me boy, its a small L, not an i…or did you not wanna tag the sheriff as you later wrote it correctly? :slight_smile:) that he should change the name of “Game Dealz” to something like “Free Gamez & Dealz” or somethin’ along those lines so people don’t make new threads for free stuff as they assumed the thread was for deals only and didn’t bother checking.
But now after that sekai project bundle thing, i think we should have a separate thread for bundles.

And yes i agree with you, if off-topic, create new topic.


Thanks @ZeeX for pointing out me flubbing the names there. It has been sorted. Posting this one mainly to see how it looks when a post is added OT once an OT split has happened.


Dang mayne das a lotta OT righ there