PSA: Check the SLAB in your UPS

Abbreviations, much? I can’t help it, I work in an industry where every damn thing gets an abbreviation. Usually TLAs (Three-Letter Abbreviations).

But for real. This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to check the Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLAB) in your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) if you use one.

Power where I live is not super reliable, and a 5-second power outage isn’t common but it’s not surprising, either. I had the misfortune of discovering my SLAB was dead, not by any indication from the UPS(!) but from just such an outage. Replacement SLABs aren’t that expensive (you can get the third-party units for about 1/2 the price the UPS-manufacturers sell them for - check your local hardware store). So do yourself a favor and just unplug that pucker from the wall for a few seconds to make sure it can still carry a load.

End of announcement.


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