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PSA 1/4


I’ll have to admit I cheated a lil bit with this one, but you lot have no idea how hard was this to make, also, now I know your color scheme ; )


Is the Chrono coin an evil bond villain? Hahahaha Great stuff as usual @Inferry!


He does have many faces
get it? cus he’s a coin…
I’ll see myself out


I see what you did there.


I am “coin” fused :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Ye, sometimes I make no cents
Also, holly molly, you’re a sloth too now.
Saw that @coralinecastell I wrote that one right.


Haha! They grow so fast! Leaning to pronounce animal names and all now. Congrats!

only reason I poked fun at you for it was because I made the same mistake lmao los dos somos basura igual hermano – I have no idea which word you’d use for metaphorical trash but there we are. :joy:


That would be trash, but! given the context, in Mexico you would usually call your self :poop: rather than trash, most people use a little bit of a rude or harsh language when talking with friends :confused:

Also, I think my cleverness shooted back at me, is safe to say that I got almost no one with my little prank going on here, so the joke was actually on me :q

If that’s the case, a little hint, by his comment I know @CreatureFeet is using the light theme on the forums.


His ear is unusually yellow :open_mouth:



I see it now!!! That is so clever! But you got me one day late, buddy. Still, super cool. How did you do that? Please let me(pm) or us(here) know! :pray:


It’s true, I’ve been exposed for my blasphemy. It just takes me too long to get used to the change to the dark theme so I don’t bother lol


Trade secret :no_mouth:


Download or click on the image, you’ll notice that you can see both images at once, zoom in on it and you’ll see two things:

  • there’s a pattern going on of one pixel solid, one pixel transparent, and so on
  • the pattern in one image is off by one pixel from the other

Now, the light theme makes the background white, while the dark theme makes it a very dark grey,
one of the images is white, the other one is that same gray, any other pixel is transparent.

So, when you look at the image in the light theme, since the white pixels blend with the background color, you can only see the grey pixels, and the same goes for the other theme.

@CreatureFeet I find the dark theme easy on the eyes.


Yeah I can see the appeal but going from dark to light when I use something else is blinding to so I’d rather it just be like that all the time lol


I know. It’s catching :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Me too. Especially after my eye surgery. And NO! Until you said something and it switched to the light theme, I had no idea. That is SUPER COOL :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck: