Proposal to Make Coins more Consumer Friendly

I’d like to preface this suggestion with the fact that the coin system is great, and if you are giving away free stuff you can do whatever you want. This suggestion is a consideration which will hopefully be useful to and the customers.

Basically, get rid of the streaks. Okay, that sounds bad, but hear me out.

If you look at something like Snapchat they have a feature where if you and a friend send messages back and forth every day you start developing a streak. This streak forms an addiction which means the users are taking a picture of anything and sending it even if they couldn’t care less about what their friend is doing that day, or even if they didn’t want to use there phones.

Vacations can become stressful with your 45 day streak, you’ll lose it! Oh no! And so on, I’m sure the gist of what I’m saying is something people have seen or experienced in some form from some company somewhere. Some.

So this can cause stress and addiction, not very high of either, but enough that you might turn on your computer/phone just to keep that ChronoCoin/Snapchat streak alive, wasting your time and slowing down your day.

What about this: If you check in 3 times, over any time period you get the three day chest. If you check in 14 times over any time period you get the 2 week chest and so on.

It still rewards customer loyalty, but eliminates complaints about bugs, internet going down, a camping trip stopping a streak and everything else.

On top of that, psychologically it doesn’t play into addiction, and people can decide day to day if they want to turn their computers on.

I think you’re kind of missing the entire point of the coin system though. It’s to incentivize people to visit the site every day in order to check out the sale every day.

That’s kind of all there really is to it.


Get rid of streaks? have you seen this forum? there’d be riots in the streets.

But making them unable to be broken while still maintaining the current system? I don’t see why not.

In the end those who visit daily are still going to receive a lot more then the person who checks in every second day.

also just wanted to edit quickly: “Vacations can become stressful with your 45 day streak, you’ll lose it! Oh no! And so on”

You wouldn’t of happened to lose a 45 day streak recently that prompted you to make this topic would you haha!


actually no, the difference would be marginal (in that example at least), since the bonus chests is where the main coin rewards come from
30*20 =600 from checking in daily but you get like up to 4000 from the combined chests alone, making “loyalty” the main incentive
take away the “penalty” of not being “loyal” by still rewarding chests in the same fashion/interval+amounts would/could completely wreck the coin economy

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I see what you mean but I really can’t consider checking in for 2 seconds a day very stressful.


this here should probably be the main sticker,
the leaderboard matters :joy_cat:

a streak is not a streak unless it’s a streak, because a streak is a streak is a streak :ghost:


My point still definitely stands, someone being able to earn 2x as much (theoretically) due to day-to-day loyalty, is still earning 100% more then the person who, as I mentioned, is only clicking that coin every other day, does the amount change with how much they both earn from the span of completing 30 days? no. (well… it does… but we’re working under the assumption of equal payouts here)

does the person who is dedicated end up earning more? yes.

another quick edit: I know it doesn’t mean much but i’m on a 137 day streak myself, not claiming it’s the longest one out there as it isn’t, but i just wanted to say I’m not writing from a bias here.

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yes, the person only checking in is making “less” than the other checking in daily, but the person checking in “less” could still potentially make 7x as much, compared to how much those persons would earn now

which could grossly inflate the amount of coins suddenly in play, as users would have no need to be “cautious”, thus potentially more people with a ton more coins, = either more speedy sell outs/demands unfulfilled or prices needing to go up much higher to combat this new influx in coins, which would still then make the “poorer” people that only checked in every 4th day unable to eventually keep up

so in theory i could only see it make the shop situation worse actually vs potential gain/upside, even for the customers, and not better by doing this (even if less stressfull), because they/even more would just be sitting on mountains of coins they couldn’t spend

and this is not at all coming from any slight bias of being only 1 day from top slot on streak board,
none whatsoever,
not even remotely

maybe a little bit bias is added in there somewhere :smile_cat:

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I don’t know… if they want it to be more casual why not let em’? prices in the coin shop are definitely gonna have to go up anyway, not to mention with the current situation, are you really going to worry over someone cleaning out those games that are currently sitting there?

be gone with them I say!

Also while the “Definitely no bias here” is admittedly funny, I already addressed that being moot with saying that “maintaining a current system” would allow a “true streak” to be still a thing. I mean, heck, I didn’t click on that coin 137 days in a row so that I couldn’t brag about it.

Haha, it’s not what prompted it, although it has happened a few times :cry: Not due to vacations though, but due to not being near my computer for a day or two or various internet problems.

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And exactly. The prestige could still remain if that’s your thing. It could even be highest total rather than highest streak so you are still in the running after your router explodes.

don’t get me wrong i’m not saying they can’t or shouldn’t do it for that reason, casual can be fine (not to mention Chrono can do whatever they please),
i’m just pointing out potential flaws in the idea, some that imo could make it an overall worse situation (since the concern was coins being consumer friendly), getting more coins could sure feel friendly but if they were absolutely worthless another 3 months down the line it probably wouldn’t seem so
honestly i’m all for a type of system that doesn’t blatantly punish a customer for having 29 days and missing 1 and then subsequently missing the majority of their reward(since the 30th day contains more coins than the previous 14 days chests combined even tho that new streak is the same + only2days), that part i feel is very harshly done to people
but i also feel ultra casualty maybe shouldn’t be rewarded so big in the sense that it could potentially eventually tilt the entire coin “market”, so something in between maybe

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Maybe if the daily reward was significantly higher, but the chests were decreased? Currently the dailies don’t really matter. At the same time, great big chest rewards are fun.

agree, it’s a weird and very fine balance to figure out (and i sure am glad i’m not in Chrono’s shoes having to work that trick out)

this is why you always have spare backup routers, for when this precise situation arises :joy_cat:

We speed tested ours recently. Got about 50km/hr but it didn’t survive

Maybe chrono can make a ‘get out of jail free card’ you can buy with coins that will save your streak if you miss it but you would have to buy it beforehand and it could cost like 1000 coins.

Not really as it would be a nightmare to implement and I’m not just saying this cause I’m already rubbing my hands together in glee with the idea of people posting that their 32/62/92 day streak was saved and they wasted 1000 coins

[quote=“LordCameron, post:16, topic:5382, full:true”]
We speed tested ours recently. Got about 50km/hr but it didn’t survive
[/quote] :joy_cat:

“hey if we up the wattage does our Mbit go up too?”
“guess not” :head_bandage:


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currently we have a system that has 4 chests with a total of ±4000 coins, but with 3 of those chests in the first 14 days
the idea of the chest reward being incrementally bigger seems “logical” in someway, and the 30day chest sure is nice when it pops (tho also tinsy bit “sad” when “only” containing 2k vs 2.5k lol)
how a system could be put in place that doesn’t “punish” consumer that only miss by a day i have no idea how to go about
but one way that could make it less severe would be spreading the same amount of coins over more chests maybe, so basically the 14 day cycle just “repeats” while still getting slightly larger, 3-7-14-17-21-28 and divide the current -+4000 coin total that way, so that you still get rewarded “more” the longer you go, but not to the point it can be “all or nothing” 2-2.5k+ “devastating” if you potentially miss out by 1 day
(and yes i do get even that method still maintain the “flaw” of still potentially resetting your entire “streak reward progress” if you still miss out some point halfway through or whenever)