Project Zomboid

For me the best game is Project Zomboid.

I run a server for friends and family and sometimes hop onto public servers. Recently I have set up the Hydrocraft mod and integrated The Walking Dead map into West Point and Muldraugh.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is an isometric survival adventure game that was worth the full price a year ago.

Altho it is in Early Access, it feels complete, and they keep adding in new feature like trapping, better professions, more cooking recipes, a graphics/animation update in beta testing now if you choose, and a ton more skills and professions. About the only major thing left to add is NPCs, but I am patient.

The mod support/tools is phenomenal.

If you want to feel what it is like to play the Walking Dead and not just another zombie shooter clone, then check out PZ.


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I’ve been following Zomboid for quite a while, before the whole stolen laptop debacle as well. Cautiously optimistic about it, but I’ll wait for the full release.

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I started several months after that debacle. It wasn’t around till the time that they put in multiplayer that I started recommending it to my friends.

I actually think The Indie Stone will be used as a future teaching example for both not what to do as an indie dev and how to recover from real mistakes.

For those interested in the history, after The Indie Stone funded and started work on Project Zomboid there were 3 things that happened, mostly their faulty, that should of sunk any developer.

1: They messed up with Pay Pal and their account got suspended.
2: Their game auto updated, even pirated versions, and it got spread on pirate sites. That taht means is they had to pay for bandwidth on people who stole their games.
3: They didn’t have a secure off-site back up system set up and their laptops got stolen. They lost most of their code.

Most egregious, they got on twitter and did very bratty childish rants. They became trolls and attacked their customers.

IT should of died. But, they regrouped, got their cool back, and just focused on remaking their game.

Since then they have had very open communication, even about their faults, and kept delivering a soldid product.

Jump 4-5 years later and the game is on the home stretch to completion.

As of now, the full price is a bargain. It is a fantastic game as is. It should be judged by its’ price, and the price is right.

They are a great company and it is a blast. I don’t care if they add NPCs and vehicles. If they do, it will be icing on the top. The game is ready now to be recommended.

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They have cleaned up their act significantly in the last 2 years or so which is commendable.
The game itself game still needs a bit of work, but you are correct that it’s in a finished enough state to recommend and play - I simply lack the extra gaming budget right now, so waiting is the best option :slight_smile:.


I bought it forever ago, haven’t played it in forever though.

Edit: I’ve not played it in 3 and a half years.

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Really hope that the game can succeed!!
Been wanting to play the game ever since Robbaz made a series about it.
Pin the game on your deal list on Chrono! XD

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