Progress Bar For Coin Games Broken?

It looks like mine are broken just look at the pic.

What’s broken for you?

it says 1% on 2 of the games and 20% on the other when i should be like 20% for the first 50%ish for the second and 65 or 70ish for the 4th or does it go by it fills one bar then uses the coins left from that to fill the others? Even then the 4th one shouldn’t be at 19% with only 80 coins left over from #2. Shouldn’t the progress bars show how much you are to the games coin amount individually? If you just look at the picture considering the 1k+ coins i have #1,#3 and #4s progress bars make no sense.

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It’s cuz everyone is logging in on a daily basis and some people have known about this site for a longer time then those who’ve been advertised about the site, meaning that those people should have about every game on the list (the 1%); but everyone should be buying each game from the cheapest to the most expensive at the same rate after the TotalBiscuits advertisement. So hopefully we can all get a game at least, before they sell out. Reigns would be the next on the list that everyone will be able to afford with coins.

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For the 2k and 5k games those are just test purchases by staff.

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Wait a minute. Is the confusion coming from the meaning behind the progress meters? I’m a little confused by what you’re saying ShadowRose, but my guess is that you’re trying to tell us the coins you have saved up are related to the progress meters (thus you are at 20% for Brigador’s 5000 coin cost if I am following you correctly). IF that is the case, then allow me to explain that the progress meters represent how many keys are remaining per game. They do not represent how close you are to affording that game with the coins you saved up. Basically, when the game is shown as 100% claimed, the game is sold out with no more keys remaining as they were all claimed (which is why Hammerwatch is labelled as such). If not, then I’m still not understanding what your explanation is and I apologize for my misreading.

Remember that the games in the coin shop have a limited supply based on how many keys the developers/publishers gave them. And by keys, I am making the assumption that they are all Steam keys.


Gotcha, thx

Ah so that’s how many were claimed and not how far you were to getting it. I had no clue that was the case and nothing hinted to it being like that plus i don’t think ive seen progress bars for claimed amounts before. Its usually progress bars for how many coins you need and if they run out of keys it just has a red out of stock label on the top right corner or something. Ive also seen a counter for how many keys are left on the top of the picture with a progress bar for your progression to but chronos versions still the first ive seen like it but many i just haven’t been to enough sites.


Glad it’s all clarified!