Problems on mobile

Ever since the 48h deal started, I’ve been unable to claim daily coins nor view the coin shop on my phone. I can visit those pages, but after they finish loading, I mostly see a large blank background. I was hoping it’d go back to normal after the 48-hour deal was over, but a new daily deal is here and I’m still experiencing the same issue.


Hey, I just checked my phone and I’m not having the same issue, so I’m assuming the problem’s on your end.

I’m using an Android phone and the Firefox Focus browser. What about you? I bet the team could help you out better if you told them your specs. :blush:


Here’s the email for support. Include any pertinent info as to android version/Iphone and browser etc.

I could summon @lonin or @frst but they will probably ask you to email the info to them…


No problem in my mobile -except slowing-.


The only slow thing I’ve noticed is when viewing the the Coins page. For some reason it takes a long time for it to count up to my full Coins value (I try to keep ~1,000). I think it has something to do with my tablet’s aging hardware because it doesn’t happen on desktop.

My tablet is just about dead, actually. The touch sensor is on the fritz and started inserting block quotes all over the place while creating this reply. I actually had to finish it on desktop. :disappointed:


Happy to look into any issues if we can get a little more context. On an unrelated note we’ve just increased the hitbox on the hamburger menu so you should be able to accidentally open the menu more easily now.


That makes sense. The phone is an LG Leon LTE running andriod version 5.1.1

I sent an email to the chrono support team when I created this thread. In hindsight, I’m wondering if I should’ve dropped a link to this conversation in the email?

@frst what kind of context are you looking for? I’ll try to provide any info I can.


I’ll send you a PM! Thanks :slight_smile: