Problem with login and FF57

Since upgrading to FF57 I am having problems with forgetting my login every time I turn off my PC.

I have gone through FF support and I have checked it is not a FF problem, but seems to be due to storing the login information in the “local storage”.

I regularly clean my storage, but I leave the logins alone (and in fact almost all of my other logins are not affected by this).

Can I expect this to be fixed any time soon?



We’ll look into it! @dusty

That’s right. stores its login token in LocalStorage and stores its login token in cookies.

LocalStorage can be viewed simplistically as an improvement on cookies.
There is nothing wrong about using it. It is just a new way for websites to store data, so you have to expect that websites that are build on new technologies will not work if you clear your browsers LocalStorage.

Just make sure to uncheck these checkboxes:





I understand that, but can we agree that it is a bit misleading/confusing?

As a “clueless user”, I would expect login information to be covered by “active logins”, not “cookies” nor “local storage”

Anyway, seems that I don’t have much of a choice, I won’t clean local storage anymore and I will adapt to this other source of random data on my PC.

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I understand were you are coming from. The lack of description, the misleading phrasing (“Active Logins”) and the fact that they split them up, is what makes this confusing to a “clueless user”. That is why chrome combines “Cookies” and “Local Storage” under one category (“Cookies and other data”) and state that “This will sign you out of most websites”.

“Active Logins” only covers “basic authentication” data. You probably never used/seen it.
If a website uses “basic authentication” the webbrowser will prompt you for login data.

Firefox Example


Chrome Example


Chrome does not even have “Active Logins”, because they never save “basic authentication” data. It is all gone after you close chrome. That’s how irrelevant “basic authentication” is nowadays :grin: (for normal users, not devs).