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Are you watching or maybe even playing? What and where? Recommend your sources and casters.

I’m kind of a lurker when it comes to E-sports, I really enjoy watching some of the pro games, and by collecting different channels I’m slowly building up my own “gaming” channels to watch. I got into it through watching CS 1.6 matches, later WC3, DotA and even later Starcraft 2 matches. These days, I watch mostly CS:GO, HotS and sometimes Hearthstone tournaments (because our local teams suck :pensive: so HS is like the only game where our local players actually have an impact).

If you haven’t watched anything yet and you want to check it out, I can definitely recommend the site which comes with a calendar and list of both current and upcoming tournaments, and you can find live streams for most of those listed tournaments or times when the livestream comes online. Currently covered games on Abios include DotA 2, CS:GO, LoL, SC2, HoN, HS, WoW, Smite, CoD and Smash Bros, with Overwatch being planned. If you register an account, you can set up your own notifications for tournaments or matches you’re interested in + you can download a chrome or firefox addon to get notified instantly, but no registration is required for the basic functionality. All in all a great website.

As for casters, I really enjoy casting by Khaldor (Heroes of the Storm), who is an active caster for a long time. He was previously casting WC3 and SC2 matches on his own as well as and tournaments. Currently, he is covering HotS tournaments on his own with occasional co-casters and he is uploading commented matches to his youtube channel. Check it out.
And a honorable mention for Dota 2, even though I don’t watch it that much anymore, back when I did, I really loved the lively commentary from Tobiwan so here’s an example.

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I used to consistently watch the LCS, but I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon in the last year or so. @EMCL is definitely the biggest e-sports nerd in the office.

Rocket league tournaments are pretty damn fun. I always watch it on Gibbs’ channel. I’m not really a fan of pro gaming in general, I find it more entertaining than regular sports, but I still don’t take it that seriously.


I’m a HUGE eSports fan. I actually got my start in the industry way back when from being a professional WoW player. I then moved into League and SC2 (very lightly as a player, more so from the business side).

Nowadays I mostly watch fighting games (particularly smash), LCS, and sometimes Hearthstone events. Big fan of Abios.

Favorite player of all time is probably Grubby, been following him since way back when in the WC3 days : ).

Definitely excited to see how much of a scene develops around Overwatch!


I didn’t follow Grubby back when in the days, but I do watch him now. He streams HotS on workdays and WC3 on weekends, when he’s not :speaking_head: :microphone: in Korea.

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Does Kripp count as esports yet? :smiley:

I watch majors for CS, Dota2 and a few FGC games like SF5/4, smash. Starcraft 2 majors are pretty hype still so if they are floating near the top of twitch I’ll watch. Currently watching these Hots majors(?), I’m not great at mobas but watching them is hype. Plus for Hots, growing up with blizzard as your second favorite developer(next to nintendo) it’s nice to see all your favorite characters and what not beating up each other.


Depends on what Kripp are you talking about :thinking:


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