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Price of coin games is on the way down!


So I made a very crude graph like half a year ago and just remembered it exists now. Looks like the price of coin games is trending down.

Here’s a link to the interactive (and very rough) version:


Where is Dead Cells?


Right here :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all the labels are shown at the bottom because there’s not enough room


Rather strange tbh since due to the coin inflation one would think prices would be shooting up high.


The problem is that this correlates with game quality and residence time in the shop…it’s not really fair to analyse price on just that one parameter. Do you remember the last time there were so many options left to spend coins on?


exactly, I used to buy games with coins and not save much. Now I have 58k 700 saved.


Graph looks better than my crypto wallet


Thanks for sharing this, it puts in perspective my wrong impression of how the prices inflated. Here’s me thinking games got way more expensive, but apparently not. I expected people to be hoarding coins due to fear of missing out (FOMO), but it doesn’t seem to have affected prices that dramatically.

I’d love to see more charts like this over the months, as it sure is interesting stuff. Well, as interesting as charts and graphs go.


Dead Cells. Never forget.