Pre-Order coin games, and other games.

So this is my idea to have a wish list that if game ever hits the shelf for the coin shop, and it is on a person wish list then it will hold a copy for them 24 hours and notify them by email and text, and possibility a Facebook message to let them know there game is ready for pick up. After the 24 hour period if the game did not get bought then it will be redeem for the public to buy.

This will help the people that are not checking it a few times a day and allowed people not to pass up on some of there favorite games. This also will give ChronoGG a idea of what games people want on there shop and how many copy they should try to get for there users. This can even be a system that can be use for the daily deals also to show to the company see how many people are willing to buy your game right now off our site. This could potentially generate more income for Chrono.

I understand that for some people they will mark every game so they never miss a deal but still it will help the people that will be honest and just want some new games to play while there kids are asleep like myself.

I look forward to hearing your feedback thank you for having such a great website :slight_smile:

I don’t really like the idea of holding a copy just because it is on your wishlist, the whole point is that it is up to you to check the site. Plus those types who are reselling coin games are definitely going to add every game to their wishlist.

Devs probably don’t want to give away keys to people who are likely to buy their game at some stage, they want the borderline or ‘wasn’t much interested but it’s free so sure’ people. I’ve had reverse crawl on my wishlist for ages, was waiting until I was happy with a sale price but now I don’t have to buy it, the dev lost money on that one.

That being said a wishlist for the daily deals may be something Chrono look into, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets thrown around the office every now and again but exactly how it is integrated, hmmm…


I agree with your stance on rejecting the idea for holding copies for people, that’s just a bad idea in my opinion. Easiest way to do a wish list for notification purposes either for the coin or daily sale would probably be to use the steam API. Allow a user to tie their steam account to their chrono account and chrono can then check everyone’s steam wishlist and send out email notifications when a match is found, just like steam itself does.