Powerpoint colors changed after Windows update?

I’ve got a bit off an odd one here, and I can’t think of a single thing that changed since yesterday aside from an update to Windows 10 Version 21H1. It doesn’t make sense to me that a Windows update would have a strange effect on only one of the Office programs, but for some reason today my Powerpoint shows a cyan underline (instead of red) for spelling errors, has a cyan border to the selection box, and has a red text cursor.

MS Office 2010 doesn’t even offer these as settings the user can change outside of the registry, so I’m quite certain it wasn’t anything I did. Also very strange that none of the other Office programs are affected, nor is my Notepad++ or Google spelling error underline color.

Anyone else see anything like this, or have an idea?


Sorry can’t help. Don’t use.


Bit flip or Microsoft screwing it up in the update are my guesses. Only ways I would think of fixing it is changing my through registry or attempting a system restore to before the update.


Try going to Microsoft support or forums. At least you have a better chance of solving this problem than a forum primarily for gaming.

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