Potentially Maybe Possibly Happy Fraggles 😂


and from Doom Eternal as well apparently

[either I’ll change the title later to a Denuvo-related one, or this could also be a thread wherein we post news that makes @Fraggles really happy :joy: which honestly would be much cooler]


I see anti-cheat specified, which is good. I did hear about Doom Eternal backtracking on this decision too. Metro Exodus has Denuvo Anti-tamper in it though, which is still bad enough. Seeing as the anti-cheat is relatively new as far as I understand it I’m not sure if Exodus has both or just Anti-tamper and can’t be certain which one has actually been removed so I’m going to have to wait for further confirmation on that before I consider any future purchases.

Oh HEY, even better news. Metro Exodus is available on gog which SHOULD mean fully DRM free. So I guess I’ll get it form them at some point. It’s also 50% off at the moment.


PLOT TWIST Fraggles is the first one to post news that makes Fraggles really happy :joy:


what kind of news make @Fraggles happy so that I may also partake huehuehue



I think I love you Fraggles.


Seems fitting to note that in a thread of news to maybe make you happy. Possibly. Potentially.


Well that’s hardly news, I’m fucking delightful!