Post Reactions

I’m not sure how much support the forum is still receiving in terms of development, but I’ve been thinking that the site lacks a nice QOL feature that has become very popular in many communities…reactions.

It would be nice to see something similar to discord in that a user can use an emoji to react to a post. It would be nice to have the ability to add a :joy: or :exploding_head: or whatever to posts other than just the :heart:.

No idea how difficult it would be to do this or how much dev time it would take, but I think it would be a nice added feature if it’s not too difficult to implement. The emojis that are currently available on the site could be used.


This forum is running the discourse forum software and is not something developed or maintained by chrono themselves. They do not have any ability to add or change features other than what can be configured in the settings for discourse.

However looking up the discourse site there indeed exists a reactions plugin that could be installed and used should they want to bother.


haha i said this like IDK 5 years ago and you people didn’t know what i was talking about or just acted like it or my description was not as good as toxicscarecrow’s but yeah cool feature

on the other hand the forum has been this way without changes for years now and i would assume everyone is used to the current set of features and adding reactions would not bring much improvement so why bother? that came out a bit harsh but im tired sry

edit: found it:) more ractions? what a nice thread. oh the good old days


It still seems pointless to me.


I honestly didn’t know what they were until a year ago because I don’t interact with many online forums.

I saw it on Telegram and figured out what it was. I still don’t use it though. :rofl:


I love it! :revolving_hearts:

I appreciate the recommendations but I think we are lucky that they are still PAYING for this forum.