Possibility of Stardew Valley/etc. in the shop?

Don’t want to sound picky, but I’ve wondered if you’ve ever considered adding Harvest Moon-esque games like Stardew Valley or Terraria to the shop. I think it’d fit in well with all the pixel games you’ve added so far and I’ve been looking for another all-encompassing/time-dedicated rpg to sink my teeth into.

PS: Ever explore the possibility of having sales/shop codes for consoles like the 3DS and such? I don’t think codes have to be limited by PC only.


We’d love to have those games in the shop eventually, but guarantees, they’ll be tough to get! :slight_smile:

As for codes for other platforms, unfortunately there are usually some technical limitation from making that feasible, but who knows what will happen in the future!


I think if they offered 3DS eshop codes, I can almost guarantee it will obliterate the eshop itself as Chrono.gg would be way more popular. And if the coin shop has eshop games to claim, then THAT will obliterate MyNintendo. I have many doubts that Nintendo would even consider allowing any of this to happen. It probably took a lot for Humble Bundle to even get anything for the 3DS/Wii U, and it only happened once.