Portal 2 co-op

Was just running through Portal 2 (One of my all time favorite games) on the PC and realized I don’t have some of the coop achievements in it done! (Only had them done on Xbox.)

If you’ve already done the coop don’t worry because they are just achievements for certain levels.

If anyone who has the game would be willing to jump in for a few that would be awesome :smiley:


I could probably tag along, I haven’t played through the full co-op either!


I can play after 6/18. Steam name is the same as this one, so add me and hit me up after 6/18. I’ve run through it once before, but it was years ago and I don’t remember anything. Did it on 360 as well.


No joke I replayed the story of portal 2 atleast 10 times :upside_down_face:

I only have portal 2 on Xbox 360, I really wish I had it on pc though :confused:

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Changed the title of the thread from coop to co-op.
Hope that’s ok.

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Thanks to Hive for all the help!

I have 1 more coop achievement if someone wants to get that real quick.