Poop in my soup is amusing me from it's place on the shelves.

Just the slowness of it selling. I wonder if it ever will sell out, and how long it will take?


:snail:“slow and steady wins the race” :turtle:


I feel like it partially has to do with the fact that it’s normally $1 so in terms of coin per dollar, its actually super expensive to blow your hard earned coins on.



I would say the coin spend for that game are not worth the time since it such nichie low budget game.
when you want to compare to Reverse Crawl that was 3250 that $6.99 that understand a fair way to price some. I could see maybe at least 900 coins for poop in my soup

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They should drop the price a bit for every day it passes.

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i would say increase the price for every day that passes past a month (for Poop soup alone), just to “encourage” people (and bots) to cash in on it faster :smile_cat:

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I think I’d take it for about -2000


It IS a pretty shit game though



Ooohhh, shiny… :money_mouth:


copying my post I see how its gonna be…

Will the store never get a new game until it’s all sold out?

yes it will,
we get new games released on shop every 2 weeks no matter what happened to the previous games, Poopster Soupster was still in shop on latest release of new games, no worries

are the new games selling out just that fast? I check it daily and don’t notice anything new (even sold out)…

games don’t get released daily, only once every 2 weeks
and lately the game have been sellings out really really fast yes, almost instantaneously for some (multiple reasons for that, and Chrono have said they are working on the system to try and improve and prevent that happening so much so fast, but will require patience from us)
so if you “miss” a release, and they get sold out, there is no new games until next batch, 2 weeks later (approximately)
i believe next release is supposed to be this weekend, around thursday-friday-saturday depending on schedule and timezone

if you sign up for the newsletter you get notified of release

And it will probably still be in the shop long after the next release. At this point, if I were the developer of the game, I would just buy back all of the remaining keys. It’s getting kind of embarrassing.