Polygod, the fantastic deal

Seriously, did you see the randomly generated levels? If you missed this deal for $5, you should be ashamed! As a game developer, the amount of work that was put into the game was simply incredible. I don’t always buy the daily deal, but when I do, I shame others who didn’t.


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The shooting doesn’t look all that enticing and i’m neutral to the way it looks so decided not to pick it up, i’ll take a look at it again when it’s released or close to it.

Note that i don’t expect them to change those aspects, just saying i wasn’t prompted to get a more in-depth look at it.


Early access, no thanks.


Agreed that the gameplay is a rehash of old-timey games like Doom. Sometimes people like that. I like that, because it means my old twitchless hands can still play and have fun. Early access is a way for struggling indie companies to make money now and improve the gameplay. Sometimes that works, and sometimes the devs take the money and buy Ferraris.
I wouldn’t do that, but that means nothing in the real world. The low-poly assets were cool to me. I liked the idea of customizable guns, of course, too. It made sense to me, and my shaming of others was simply a sarcastic poke. Poke

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UuNNOkpbxE just screams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuKg7NVilhg to me. Haven’t played either though. I feel like the roguelite FPS genre is becoming the next 2D platformer for indie developers. Procedural generation is a double edged sword too.

Procedural generation can be a downward spiral that just keeps pulling you in. Is the main character procedurally generated? The enemies? The levels? The bosses? The weapons? Armor? Music? Traps? Treasures? Gameplay?

Where does it end?

I don’t blame ya for still misunderstanding me as i was very brief, i don’t mind old school shooting or low-poly looks, just not particularly fond of it in this game from the trailer & pics. Shooting doesn’t look all that enticing, which is a problem other rogue-like/lite fps games share and i saw the steam description say they were inspired by some artist for the looks so that may be it, Lovely Planet looks a tad bit better i’d say but that also has a lot less going on i think.

@nebula7 To each their own, some people like to be there during the development and some just can’t wait when something is loudly proclaimed as good by a lot of people (various survival games, darkest dungeon, dead cells etc.).

@nassi i really need to get around to DRP.