Poll: What game next?

I’m giving this its own topic as I’d like people to notice it and express their opinion.

I’m definitely going to continue Lies of P, like a few days per week (and hopefully also complete Dark Souls Remastered once I get through P), and I’m looking forward to playing Forza Motorsport and will definitely also be playing SnowRunner now and then, but in the meantime I’d also like to start a playthrough of a different game that is a bit more casual and relaxing as well as fun.

So here is a shortlist of a few games I’ve been looking forward to play through in general. The goal is to eventually play through (not necessarily but possibly [I might not play some of them for example as I imagine those especially might be off-putting to some]) all of them and I’ll also be uploading the VODs to YouTube. I’m also very intent on these being full playthroughs (story wise, not 100%-ing them).

Please note you are free to vote for up to 3 games so as to increase the amount of votes and result variety. So here goes:

  • Starfield
  • Gotham Knights
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (streamer audio enabled though)
  • Prey
  • Breathedge
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Tiny tina’s Wonderlands
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Far Cry: New Dawn

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I’d appreciate it if ppl also voted even though they might not watch the stream and have no intent to do so. Your input is very helpful to me as it does give me useful feedback as well as to what ppl here might be more interested in (and the Chrono demographic overall is more representative of my target group as well overall to begin with).

Thank you guys! And hope to see all of you during a stream sometime!

the channel (just in case I happen to be live when you come across this):


Prey ftw! The wee cow must run or he be :canned_food:

Or is the raptor part of you gonna chase the alien? Hm.


I voted for Prey (a wonderfully fun stealth shooter) and Outer Worlds. I believe both would be fun to watch.
I’m only dropping in on the streams periodically, as im not that much of a twitch watcher (+timezones), but i do intend to watch your Lives of Pi videos as i’m not gonna play that game myself.


Still missing the true goat game bro


No no! Save Poop in soup for a sub goal or something like that!


Poop gets flushed down the toilet.

For some weird reason, Gotham Knights is not available for me on Game Pass though it released worldwide afaik. It’s not even in the search results.

I’m gonna leave the poll open for a while and hopefully end up beating Lies of P, which I’m going to focus on completing first. It does look like Prey is going to win here so I’ve already installed it, but who knows.

Those aliens don’t know what a cow can do with a shotgun.

Gotham Knights suddenly randomly reappeared on my Game Pass, but when I click on it:


Basically, they killed off Batman for nothing, what a waste.


Roflmao. Sounds hype!


I voted for 3 but if POOP had been on the list, I would have voted for it 3 times… :rofl:


hey, just bumping this perchance some ppl who only come during the weekend might see it and vote as well (though I’m very happy with 15 voters, wasn’t expecting that many tbh). I’ll be closing the poll Monday.


ok, vote closed guys, and the next playthrough I will start (besides Forza Motorsport on release in 2 days) as soon as I finish Lies of P will be Prey!!!

(and it is quite possible that I’ll play through its DLC Mooncrash as well [or at least give it some attempts])

As for this unhealthy POOP obsession that reigns here XD, I’m giving that its own threat and announcement, lol.