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pokemon go


let here your pokemon go id to have more friends
my id is avrsmvmrnd


I thought pokemon go was pokemon gone


the crowds are gone, and it’s ok. from what i can see, there are active players all over my town: i live far from the central part, yet people from different fractions constantly take over the gyms. i’ve posted some pokemon photos on instagram recently and thought that people would be annoyed. instead, it turned out that some of my friends still play pokemon go, some started playing not so long ago (kids became old enough to understand the concept) and others passed it because of the hype, but are still happy to discuss.

i created a new account just a couple days ago. didn’t play pokemon go for a year, changed phone, couldn’t login. now i’ve got a cute avatar and an eevee. My trainer code is 8683 3254 4987


That’s what i thought as well but it turns out that it still largely played thingie.


If you combine walking around for the game with picking up litter I’ll offer you free hugs and a beer as well as a happy consciousness :slight_smile:


Sent you a friend request :sweat_smile:


Didn’t think Pokemon Go would ever pop up here :grin:

feel free to add me: 9968 8335 0499



you ID isn’t useful when trying to add someone, you need to post you “Trainer Code” :+1:


oh ok srry is: 4657 5092 8310



Here’s mine for anyone else: 0210 3695 1157


I stopped playing (eventually at least) got a bit boring for me lol, i would play it again but like phone space issues lmao. The thing is it lacks the really fun engaging sort of features of a pokemon game. I didn’t know there were ids i guess this is a newish feature? Maybe I will give it ago again hahah

I did play that pokemon go clone draconius go for a whilee… i thought that was pretty fun with interesting features and the mapping system is more random. Different monsters.


new friends :slight_smile: