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Pokémon GO


Are you playing Pokémon GO?
If you plz add me.
here’s my trainer code;

useless note: I’m playing since first release (but not available in my country and because of them i just 15 level until 2017 (still not available in my country) but now im 24 level (yaay)
UN2:I’m stopping playing for a while sometimes because of exams.So don’t think i deleted the game.


I’ve added you. :smiley:


Ive addes you. Chronos add mee too 8200 0660 9815


I have been deleted some of yours request accidently.Who is “ichbin”(i dont know full name.)?


Thats me


Oh,can you writeyou Trainer code here ?


My friend code is 9885 6755 6858, I’m happy to become friends with anyone who’s still active on the Go :slight_smile:

Hope you all had a fun Community Day!


added all :smiley:


Added all but @Thorknight (code is invalid?)

Here’s mine: 0210 3695 1157