PM Function. I Hear There Is One But Unable To Find It lol!?

Hovering on members or when you click on them and get a quick display of the member without actually going onto there profile is great but it would be nice to see a PM button there too.

Now it maybe the late hour or the fact that I’m very tired but I have seen posts saying “PM me” but I’m unable to find any function of actually sending a PM. I know the messages system is there as I can see Inbox, sent etc. But no way to actually send a PM

Anyway great stuff. Will for sure be informing everyone on my twitter page and all my group members on steam about this site. Keep up the great work :)grinning:


Great question! This community works on a trust system. Basically, the more you browse threads and make quality posts, the higher your trust level. Everyone starts at level 0, and you get the ability to send PMs at level 1.

TL;DR Be a good community member and you’ll unlock private messaging soon! :unlock:

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