Please Help

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Stop wasting time browsing forums expecting others to help you.


Is poop in my soup actually a good game? Should I buy it from the store for 3000 coins? Will the chrono community actually be able to overthrow the tyrant @dusty and thwart his plans to continually add poop in my soup keys to the store so it will never sell out? Is this internal monologue completely necessary at all? Is it unethical for me to be asking for assignment help from forums in order to complete my homework which I should have done ages ago? (no judgement here though, I procrastinated on assignments way to many times) Some things will just need to be left a mystery I guess. END SCENE and THATS A WRAP.

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also as a side note i don’t think you can delete threads, only the mods can

Man, y’all are brutal. I came up with an idea while I waited for replies though, so I’m almost done.

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That makes me feel more obnoxious than I planned for it to be. Now I have left a stain on the community.

eh dont worry, glad you got it done, also if you ask nicely I am sure @lonin or @dusty mey be able to delete it for you