PlayStation 5 Games and Console Revealed!



Unless that digital edition is seriously cheaper or comes with some other bonus functionality I’m not sure why you’d buy it over the other.


A bunch of my friends want it in black for some reason. I think it’s great that there moving away from the usual black PlayStations. It’s something different for once. I’m sure the controller would look good on black but the console its self, I don’t think so. Maybe if it was glossy black but then it would be prone to scratches.


It’s probably going to cut between $50 and $100 off. The optical drive is 4k blu ray


A bit more fair then, that’s a pretty decent difference considering you can get a 4k bluray player for under 50.




They made a knock-off Wii looking router instead of the awesome design they had for the dev kits.
Miles Morales and that sports racing game got me excited but man I’m salty over the console.
Fridge>Router and neither is fun.


LOL~ I first saw it and thought: computer tower, but I still love the design so very much, ^^


It’s made fun of? Lol it looks pretty cool and futuristic, as cliche and corny as it sounds! Although the best thing is to see in person and to see if it, you know, functions nicely alongside looking sleek.


I absolutely love it from the angles we saw, I hope we see a full spin around of it soon. my first thought was one of those advanced air conditioners, and then I thought it looked like a router after that.


Am i the only one who think that it looks hideous?..


I appreciate the stylishness of it, but it does not really appeal to me nor would it in any possible way fit into my home. I suspect it’ll stand out and clash really badly in most people’s homes, no one really lives in an apple product commercial.


Very much yeah. It looks like a concept model rather than something which will roll down the production line. I always liked how low-key Playstations there, compared to other consoles. Now i must say that new Xbox looks way better and as you have mentioned, would fit a regular home interior way better.


I mean have you seen the LEDs on the PCs? Like I know some people like them but I just don’t find it great and feels like it would overcompensate on something (and maybe cost but its probably minute in a computer lifetime anyway)


@Fraggles It’d fit my decor just fine my dude. I have a mostly white room and I really want to paint my trimmings in black, even door knobs too. I’m in love with the black and white aesthetic and the slim design as I’ve not got a lot of space.

(Listen to me talking as if I could afford the thing >> :laughing: )


Just thought I would add this to the conversation…Pretty creative :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:



@onLooSe, what do you think?


Santiago Calatrava for sure is proud and probably already preordered :smiley:

For me this is one of his worst creations ever done, but for sure it’s memorable. I will go with this one though >

Don’t even dare look at Zaha Hadid’s work :wink:.

I kinda like the design of the console and wouldn’t call it really futuristic. Don’t like the controllers becoming bulky ones though… I love the slim feel of the PS4 controller.


It looks really cool, if not practical. I do enjoy me a truly basic cube-thing…you know, function over form. But idc, if it runs fine and the price is around 500 bucks I might get it UNLESS Microsoft does a better console…

or well, maybe I can snatch a cheap prebuilt gaming PC with a bit of luck.


I really like the way the DS4 feels as well, I think I will stick with it for a while. Fortunately I think it will be around at least for a few more years.

That’s a really interesting looking building. The spine of the thing looks like a row of lights, but to me it just looks like a row of rust, like a child went and peed on a perfectly good painting of snow.


Understatement. I’m in tears. I love ones with Seto Kaiba :heart: and Kiryu. :joy: