Planet Explorers is NOW Free.

Had server Issue…Sso now working on Planet Explorers2:


Oh people are not happy with this one.
Sounds like there might be an interesting story behind it going f2p.


Wow. They literally lost their multiplayer code. That’s interesting. I don’t know how that could have happened.

It seems like they’re trying to make it right by making it free to play and open source. Some fans can take charge of it if they want. But as a company, I understand they had to move on and try to make another game since this one would cost too much to fix and wouldn’t be too successful anyway.

We’ve read much worse from gaming companies. So I’m not angry at their situation. But people are definitely trained to be outraged whenever something in a game goes wrong. It’s unfortunate for both sides.


which is a bit silly honestly. There are times and places to be angry. Like the launch state of No Man’s Sky. Or Metro Exodus pulling from Steam after selling for several weeks.

I’ve never really understood the outrage at something going Free.

Like the first review that pops up for me:

Steam shows only 0.1 hours of play time. It sure doesn’t look like they were invested in the money they spent, so why are they angry? If they were playing it offline, chances are MP wasn’t going to work anyway. It’s rather confusing.

I remember a huge uproar over Payday 2 going F2P. I was glad, it meant MORE PLAYERS. but nooo, there was this whole “I spent $30 bucks 2 years ago and played 200 hours and feel so hurt they made the base game free”.


Most of the unhappiness I saw was the point about them removing the multiplayer entirely from the game. That’s what seemed to have drawn a lot of people in and now the game is never going to be what they paid money to get. Which I think is an entirely reasonable thing to be upset about.

Also the reason I stay well away from early access myself.


Wait, Payday 2 went F2P? FUCKING BONKERS I paid 30$ 3 years ago and I played 2 hours fml :joy:

Woah Planet Explorers looks so terrible, Idk why anyone invested into that in the first place hahaha


Way back when I almost bought it myself. It’s important to put the game in the context it was created, way back in 2016. Loads of better games have come to life since and, in comparison, Planet Explorers does feel cheap and shallow. It’d didn’t seem like a bad bargain 3 years ago, though.

It must be very frustrating for the devs to have this happen. In light of their lack of insight in keeping back-up copies in different servers, I’d say going F2P is the best they could do.

Still, one of PE’s core pillars was being a multiplayer game, once that is lost, I dunno how much is left. Thanks for the news anyways, @delenn13! In the very least it’ll serve to keep an eye out on their upcoming project – from a distance.


You are welcome. Got it in my Steam activity. I was following it.:heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well technically it was “Free to the First 5 million Customers” 2 years ago.


Not long ago I was thinking about buying it. Thankfully I did not.


Man oh man, I saw this and thought: “Yay! A F2P Rust. My bestie and I are going to play something together ^_^.”

Then I read the comments. Oh dear. Pity about the lack of multiplayer. Is this any different from the usual Windows shenanigans though? Can’t be bothered to fix a big chunk of code, so sidestep and make a “new” version.

(Also heard that some Windows were built practically on top of one another, so I don’t know. All in all, very sad set of circumstances).

(Also also, some people pay $12 a month for other MMORPGs, so how is a one time $30 investment ‘heartbreaking’? Herm.)


Didn’t you know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? XD


TINSTAAFL :sunglasses:

Learned it from economics. I think from the Dave Ramsay videos we watched.


You are absolutely right: If it’s free, somebody is still paying for it.