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Plague of Updates


So I just had 151 Steam updates waiting. I’ve only been off for maybe 2 days and most of them were 0.0bytes. No major issues or anything with my pc.

Anybody else have this happen? Should I be worried at all?


yup, yesterday or the day before, for some reason all my games needed to update, so don’t worry about it


Thankfully I didn’t have to click through my whole library worth of updates.


For anyone with many games installed that are wondering why half their library is in the Steam update/download queue.

Many games have a “_CommonRedist” folder with .NET, Visual C++ and PhysX files. The contents of those folders are being deleted with these updates, and Steam games will instead use a shared location for these files, instead of every game having its own set of them.


and there I was thinking Denuvo was to blame



i had the same issue


Oh so THAT’s why every game has started installing that shit at every start up again. Should make it easier to prevent though, where’d they put the files so I can go delete them?


\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared


There we go, thank you.
Lets hope steam doesn’t check that folder on every startup and redownload all that junk again.


Well, they’re finally catching up to the Steam Cleaner type apps that have been around for ages…I doubt that you’ll have any issues in the majority of cases.


Ugh, everything is listed as the same update size so i don’t know which ones are just removing the shared resources and which ones are actual game updates. I’m on a limited data plan so i can’t afford to do the game updates…

P.S. I wish they would bring back the option to play a game without updating it. I need to conserve my data usage.


Can’t you just set your games to not update? Does steam force you to update a game in order to play it?


Yes. If the client knows that an update is waiting, it won’t let you play without updating the game, even if you disconnect from the internet.


Well I have 1,670 products based on Steamdb yet I only download the game I gonna play then uninstall it once it requires updates that doesn’t matter…
e.g. fixing bugs… I have already finished it buggy lol no thanks…
That saves up lots of space and time tho… Still got around 20 games in queue lol gotta start uninstalling…


Is this happening AGAIN?

Edit: Also, where’s the official news from Valve explaining what’s going on? Why do i have to find out from other users?


Somewhat related.
Last night steam pushed out an update to me that appears to have brought a spellchecker into the client, again. Despite both my OS and Steam itself is set to be in English the spell checker appears to check Swedish for me. Of course there are no options anywhere regarding a spell checker and no way to change language of it nor turn it off.

Writing with a constant red underline gets old real quick.


I actually saw this mentioned on the Steam forums yesterday…


Yeah there’s plenty of threads about it by now.


I have no issues with the spellcheck, but I use google chrome to open up the chat window and of course it uses the windows spellcheck. I doubt this is helpful for most of you, but I got used to it even being docked with the Friends list, because Avast for some reason blocks my voice communications even though I tried to whitelist every directory that steam uses and I had to readjust. It’s way smoother through the browser than the steam app anyway.


In case anyone else got this spellchecker update, someone found a way to disable it by editing the steam user settings file.