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I think it would be cool to have a section for pinned topics/boreds what not


Sounds pretty cool. I guess that there aren’t a whole lot of topics that would be good enough to be pinned, although some are very popular like cool Youtube videos and what are you reading right now to justify it in some way.


I literally just tried to look for something like that (I think) saw a post i wanted to come back to but not have to search an entire thread to find it


You can bookmark posts, get in the habit of doing that when you find a post you really like xP

For pinning, would it not be easiest to have a “good thread” tag? That way such threads can stay where they are, not annoy anyone by being at the top, but still be easy to find. Trusted members can already tag posts, so this would work with the existing systems and trust levels set up by Chrono.


Bookmark only bookmarks the first post in the thread as the description says and if I am looking for a specific post I need to scroll through all messages to find said post, with pinning I could see a post I like, without all that. I don’t see how this has to do with anyone else, it would have no effect to what anyone else sees. Maybe I am not thinking the same thing as OP but this idea is there now.


I apologize if I’ve misunderstood you but the forum’s own bookmark feature bookmarks the specific post you chose to mark so you can always get back to that specific post any time you want.
A pinned thread would work the way you’re thinking, putting the thread in question at the top of the feed and the thread itself only.

There is a pin function, we do have one global pinned thread, which I think you get to chose whether you want to see pinned or not. I seem to remember there being a way for user to pin threads themselves but I can’t seem to find a way to do it anymore. Might be something that needs to be enabled from the admin side.


I use that book mark a lot…


There are many types of pinning.


Seriously though, if something is particularly fun, I use the good old fashioned bookmark from my browser. Otherwise, the topic is normally so popular that if I just wait a day or two, it will show up again and I can catch up.

Btw, I love that the site remembers where I left off in a topic and puts me there.

Though, maybe now I will use the site’s bookmark feature.


oh I see, well I guess I never realized