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Pinball FX3 Care Package (Free on Steam until April 8, 2020)


You can go to the Pinball FX3 main page and scroll down to this mention of the care package:

Click on it to claim the 3 DLCs to your accout.

Main game page here:


@delenn13 and plenty of other people who like pinball.

Try to go into any of the DLC pages and click on the green button associated with the package.

Apparently this is not working for some people, so you may have to remove the base game from your account to claim…


This is kinda worth it, but will require some tweaking for people that got the free DLC back in 2017.

If you already have the game tied up to your account (it’s F2P, so there’s a big chance that you do) you need to remove it - ONLY THE BASE GAME and add the package.


I already had the base game on my account and was able to claim the package directly…


I wasn’t :slight_smile:


I didn’t click on the package itself, I just clicked on play game–next to the mention of the package, and that automatically added the package license.

I did it in my browser too.


Didn’t worked for me though, so I had to remove the base game. As well using the browser.


I got it to work but I had to use Edit 2 to get the DLC. Thanks @YQMaoski for the heads up…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

And I will pass it on…Heads up @KingJamezJr


As someone that loves pinball i am very happy to try this, thanks @delenn13 and @YQMaoski


This is great! I love FX3, but always found the DLC to be a bit expensive.


This worked for me when I went to the page of the package. If I did the exact same thing on the on the store page of the main game I just got the install prompt.
A bit odd how inconsistent steam can be but hey it worked. Thanks!


Didn’t work from the package itself for me, but it did work when I launched the game from the store page of one of the DLCs that were missing.


I can’t get it to work tried just playing the game as it was already installed nothing and then tried removing the game from my account and the re-adding still nothing. No idea how to get this to work cheers for the heads up though.


Try going to one of the DLCs mentioned there and look for the Care Package block of text in series with the purchase option, you should be able to add it…


Yay thank you this worked this has really cheered me up.