Pictures of actual game-play in todays deal section


tldr: I believe game play screenshots would make the site more usable.

Currently when I use the site the first two things I do are check the category buttons to see if they interest me and if they do, I scroll down to check the steam store so I can see photos of game play. This is a pretty basic usability problem in my opinion and I think screenshots would greatly benefit the main page somewhere.

I believe the trailers section is not enough because I don’t enjoy video game trailers they never really get me excited for a game. The twitch section also is not suitable due to the load time (about 4s for me with 100 down) and for some games story elements I don’t want spoiled. It is useful when I want to see some more game play in action to decide if i want the game.


I do the same thing, always open the game’s steam page up to see game screen shots. The site might be well served trying to ‘steal’ the steam album of images in some way, or it might clutter the rather clean and stylized storefront as it is designed today.

I pretty much go to steam from every other 3rd party store though, one way or another so I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary for the same information to be hosted everywhere when it’s so easy to find anyway.


I think it would be cool if the top of the site, where the faded bullshot+logo currently is, was a carousel of screenshots so you could click a button or drag/swipe to see some screenshots, with the current set-up being the first “slide”. This carousel should not autoplay, the user should always have to do something to see the screenshots. This way, the site would not be more cluttered, but help people get a better idea of the game at a glance.


yes please this would be really convenient
and @eishiya 's idea seems well thought out and easy to use
oh i have an idea as well: make the slideshow transitions vertical :open_mouth: no one has ever done that, what a unique idea i’m very pleased with myself
also i’m looking for a job as you can see i’m real clever maybe offer me one? or could you recommend anything thank you in advance


Certainly an interesting idea. Keeps people from having to navigate away from the site to see more about the game. :+1:


People already go to the steam page to check some reviews and what not… and check the patching/development history (the smart ones). Just my 2 cents.


First thing I do is go to Steam…To see if I already have it…:joy::joy:


sigh. How very true, lol.