Phantasy Star Online 2


Hey there! One of the Chrono Partners @JustFansOf has an alliance in PSO2 named
The Rag Rappies

If you’re currently playing or want to try, feel free and just apply in game. There’s still some spots open:


My issue with PSO2 is that Gameguard is included and refuses to let the game run if any stream software is running (even if idle).


That’s odd. I know Mellow runs it with OBS all the time. I also know their GameGuard has been a bit overzealous as well though.


Oh yeah it finally came out… does it use the same accounts as the japanese version?
I played it with the english patch 8 years ago when Sega just didnt feel like releasing it anywhere else.


Separate (Microsoft) account. Whatever you’ve done on JP won’t be related.


That’s unfortunate. I think I’ll pass then.


It’s honestly funny to me that a dedicated SEA server was up only to close down some time later lol. I hear the publisher was not the best, so maybe that’s why it got pulled.