Patch Notes - 05/30/19

When we make cool/interesting changes to the site, we’ll post 'em here for posterity. Feel free to ask questions, discuss, or even suggest new features if you feel they’re relevant. If you want to be a real pro, you can check out our Discord channel and talk with us there.


  • Purchases can now alert creators on stream. If a Chrono partner chooses to enable the new stream integration, purchase alerts will occur if the partner is live when you purchase a game using their link. You can do this anonymously, or add a name to let them know who their supporter is!

  • Who you’re supporting is now easier to see. Whenever you visit Chrono using a partner link you’ll now see a new “Supporting: [Partner Name]” feature at the top of the site.


  • Live stream autoplaying can now be disabled via a toggle just above the video player. This has been a frequent request, and one that we’ve struggled to balance against viewership for our partners. After a lot of internal discussion, we’ve added this toggle (which will save your preference) and made sure that streams will never autoplay on mobile. In the future, we’ll be adding an account setting as well so that your preference will remain even across computers.


  • Web notifications have been added to the site. Users on Chrome and Firefox should now see teal bar at the top of the site asking them if they’d like to sign up for notifications. If you select yes, you’ll receive a daily browser notification of the sale along with notifications when we add titles to the coin shop. This feature is still in testing, so please let us know if you run into any issues. More browser will be added in the future!


  • Discourse has been updated to version 2.0.0 Check out the patch notes for 1.9 here and 2.0.0 here and here. Let us know if you run into anything wonky since the update!


  • We’ve updated the Live Stream section of the site to support featuring multiple streaming partners at the same time. When we feature several streamers at once, the site randomly picks one to play on load and you can view and select from other streamers below. This section is still a little work-in-progress, so let us know if you run into any issues!


  • Likes in the community are now Chrono Coins! It’s exactly the same system, but the hearts have been replaced with the coin icon for a little extra pizazz. Oh, and before anyone asks, no, you don’t actually give or receive coins for likes. :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Added confirmation to the coin shop game buy modal. We we’re consistently having a small percentage of shop users accidentally buy the wrong game when spending coins, so we’ve now added a final confirmation step to help prevent that from happening.
  • Improved performance of coin shop page. Some users were experiencing very high CPU load on the shop page. After several weeks of debugging we finally found the culprit (never ending CSS animations!) and made some tweaks that seems to have fixed the issue.


  • A new section for sold out Shop games has been added to better separate them from games that are still available. Check out the Past Games section if you’d like to see what’s been on the shop before and be sad that you can longer buy them.
  • Sold out Shop games can now be expanded for additional details. Click away to see what you missed out on.
  • Upcoming Shop games are now displayed with a “Coming Soon” header. The prices are accurate, but everything else is a mystery. Can you guess what we’ll unveil next?
  • Signing in when attempting to buy a Shop game now keeps you on the page. No more throwing you back to the front door. That was rude of us. Sorry.


  • A brand new feature has been unleashed, Chrono Coins! This system is a totally new way to interact with the site and get games for free. For a quick rundown, check out our how-to guide here. This is just the start of this system, we have lots of plans that will expand it in awesome ways in the future. Also, we’re still ironing out a few bugs with this feature, so if you see anything weird or have any questions please let us know!
  • We’ve also updated Discourse (our forum software) to the most recent version. Are you a nerd who likes looking at changelogs? Well, duh, you can see what’s changed for Discourse here.


We’ve made some changes to our PayPal checkout flow that should be invisible to most users, but is aimed at preventing rare cases where users would exit the flow before purchasing thinking that they had actually made the purchase.

Now, once you’ve selected the PayPal account you wish to use to pay with, attempting to go back in your browser, close the purchase window, or close the browser will result in an alert asking you to confirm that you want to abandon the purchase process.


We’ve updated Discourse (our forum software) today. The update was a bit unplanned, so if you find any issues, please let us know.

You can check out exactly what changed here.


Since this is the first time we’re doing patch notes, this is a collection of changes that have been rolled out over the last few weeks. In the future, we’ll stop being lazy update this topic when updates are deployed.

  • The “STEAM KEY” link now displays the number of keys included in the purchase. This is a tiny little change, but hopefully it helps clarify the number of keys you’ll receive we sell a multi-pack. Sometimes those packs contain a single key that redeems for more on Steam, and sometimes the pack contains multiple keys that each redeem one copy of the game. Ya, it’s still kind of confusing, this is a first step in making our experience a little more user friendly.
  • Each game’s short Steam description (and a link to the full description) is now below our description. We’re not entirely sure why anyone would want to read a game description that’s not ours, but we often saw people linking to Steam to get a better feel for what the game is. Guess they couldn’t handle our beautiful prose. ¯\````_````(ツ)_/¯
  • The system requirements section now includes all the information from Steam and automatically detects your operating system. The old sysreq section was kinda half-assed, if we’re being real, so we totally redid it pulling all the info directly from Steam. As an added bonusarino, we auto-detect your operating system and show you the appropriate specs. How cool is that? So cool.
  • Signing up for our daily newsletter is way easier and less intrusive. The True Chronoggmen among you are already subscribed to the newsletter, but for everyone else, we added a quick newsletter signup in the footer. We also added a newsletter toggle in the account settings page for folks with accounts. In addition, we improved the logic of our newsletter signup checkbox so that once you create an account we remember your choice and no longer display the upsell while purchasing.
  • We’ve made various improvements to our mobile experience across the site. Not many of you browse on mobile, but we’ve designed with it in mind from day one. With that being said, there were a couple places that didn’t respond perfectly at smaller resolutions, so we fixed those up. This is something we’ll be continuing to tweak and polish as time goes on. The work never ends!