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Overcooked is free at Epic Games Store





You know, I have a friend who owns a Nintendo Switch and I wanted to buy Overcooked 2 to play with her but iirc they don’t have cross-play. :broken_heart:

I still think this game’s idea is super cute, though. Thanks for sharing, Nick.



it has local coop too iirc, so you could grab it and have her over to play (if she is local/don’t have a pc that is)


Good idea but she lives like 4 hours away from me and I only have one controller. I need cross-play.


No ,Epic , no , you still suck.


What about: you both get it on Epic and use Parsec?

Edit: seems like you can use Parsec with Switch too. Don’t know enough about it, but that might be your solution.


The switch comes with 2 controllers?

Edit: @YQMaoski and I were just talking about Overcooked and Parsec yesterday.


Another good idea (aside from the fact I’ll never create and Epic account) but she’s not a pc gamer. Also she owns Overcooked 2.

Yeah, I know. I’d go over to her place if there weren’t personal circumstance that prevented us from doing exactly that, and she’s not comfortable taking her Switch for a walk.


How is it supposed to get exercise then? They don’t like being cooped up for too long.

In all seriousness though, I have a switch, could try to see how the whole Parsec thing works. Would also be interested in playing Overcooked 2 online. Although ping may be an interesting factor.


I’ve told her that like a billion times, man, but she won’t listen… so stubborn. tsk tsk

Let me know if you figure that out, defo. If it works I can look into buying, I guess. Not now, though. Saving a much needed vacation to Rio… :desert_island:


I looked at it and…well…
I need about 4 pieces of hardware I don’t have. and the cost to get said hardware would be more expensive than literally gifting you, your friend, and everyone else currently in the thread (including myself) a copy of Overcooked 2, at full price.

Here’s their Youtube Video:

The elgato card itself is over $150 USD.


Well, then. Maybe it’d be easier to take a plane to your place and buy ingredients to cook actual food? :joy:


You any good?

Incoming PM!


Yeah… My car just decided it needed a $1000 repair this morning. So while I won’t need to eat ramen for two weeks, I’m going to be short on money for a couple weeks.