[OVER ISH][STEAM] Radio Jetset Awesome Deal

if like me you had the Xbox with Sega GT 2002 and RadioJetset this is a deal you want to know about

Jet Set Radio on Steam deal over

the game is also part of the DreamCast Bundle who is also on sale

EDIT: well i cant figure out how to have the sexy preview, so meh, link are there xD
EDIT2: nvm found it :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a reason you call it that instead of Jet Set/Grind Radio? If you played it on Xbox you had Jet Set Radio Future btw, the sequel.


i guess i just mixed up the name, i havent heard from that game since Xbox era, so my memory might not be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

also radio jetset vs jetset radio is pretty damn close XD


Thanks for sharing this!!! Now I have new hope for a jet set radio future pc release :grin:

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wait am i missing something here or just confused? it’s not on sale, but it’s a deal? -or is it just sorta to"stay notified"/remember add to wishlist, for when it comes on sale? :thinking:

you missed it, it was 1.58$ or something today


I missed it when I looked too :cry:
Would of grabbed it for $1.58 for sure