Outlast Deluxe Edition FREE at Humble Bundle Store


jezz the amount of free games being given out on PC lately :dizzy_face:

i bought this, paid actual money for it+dlc some time back, and still haven’t played it, and here it is for free. :blush:
how fortunate are we, that there are so many devs/publishers out there, willing to just give us freebies like this in droves lately lol
i mean, if they keep this up we never have to buy games again… :upside_down:
hmmm… probably shouldn’t have said that :thinking:, either jinxed it or some honcho is gonna read this comment and nix the whole giving stuffz away concept :ghost:


wow, this makes the 8th game this month alone! :astonished: (not including indiegala and such), and the month isn’t even over yet! so they could potentially wreck even more freebie havoc :ghost:

Back to Bed
Oddworld Abes Oddysee
The Walking Dead
Mirage: Arcane Warfare
Steamworld Dig (on Origin)

that’s pretty amazing tbh

i wonder how many free games consoles get :thinking:


Depends on how you qualify the idea of being free. PSN subscription comes with some free games now and then I believe. I’m not sure if you get to keep them or if they’re just free for the month or whatever though.

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yea i don’t qualify psn or xbox subscriptions “gifts” because not only is that a monthly fee (yes technically you are paying for the online content and they say they give them to you as an extra goodie but i call bs on that “pay for online” concept), but i know atleast for the xbox gold games, you lose access to them when/if you stop paying, and only get your claimed gold library back when you resume payment (unclaimed games in a period you never get “back”)
so would have to be those non subscription tied games that gets thrown out free once in a while now and again no? :confused: (i think that happened a couple of times on the ps and xbox store respectively right? tbh i have not been on either of those places in years so i can’t even remember the last one)

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On PSN you can download and play the games given out for free, as long as your subscription is active. If your subscription expires, you can’t no longer play your free games.

On Xbox you can download four free games per month, thanks to your subscription, and keep playing said games even after that your sub expired.

Played Outlast on console. I’d like to grab the last few achievements, but I’m too scared :sweat_smile:

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You lose access to those games on XBOX ONE, PS3 and PS4, the ones you get to keep regardless of subscription are the ones you get on X360.

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That’s wrong, you lose access only on PSN Plus. On Xbox Live you can download and play games previously obtained via Games with gold, even if your subscription is no longer active.

i did not know the 360 had such a sweet deal compared,
i wonder why/what made them make that distinction. And even more curious, if making it because the 360 was/would be “old/obsolete” if they are going to do something similar with xbox1 when a next gen arrives to sweeten the pot.
with such a huge library the 360 had, that program is incredible value if they don’t get too many repeats of past months offerings (and not owning a large portion of them already that is)

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I can play all of my free games on Xbox One, even without a subscription (which expired this january). It isn’t limited to 360 titles.

I took this from here but in case you do not want to look for yourself, here is a snippet. I am not wrong unless it has changed since I was on there and this was first created. In which case they need to update their site.

The reason X360 got theirs to keep is due to them doing that GWG thing before the XBOX ONE was out. When it finally came out for the XONE they had to rethink their strategy, so they basically adopted the PSN model but couldn’t really change it for X360 due to them assuring everyone at E3 that year that they will always be available, even if you cancel Gold.

They tried to one-up Sony and they did but I think they soon realised the PSN model was better and encouraged people to keep up with their subscription to it.

This is all speculative.

I think I’ve figured out, you guys are right, GWG now sucks. Your sister is rightfully pissed :triumph:

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I’d check your bank statements, mate. Seems like you are maybe paying for Gold or something has gone wrong.

Are you sure the ones you have played are not originally X360 games that you get through backwards compatibility for the XONE or something, I have never owned a XONE, so I do not know?

I can ask my brother, he has the XONE.

Fair enough. Damn it was making me rethink getting the XONE as well. :wink:

This one is awesome…not only DLC but…but…It’s for Win, Mac, Linux plus you get the Steam key in all the flavours too.

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note the DRM free tag too once again from Humble
(i mean, not that we “need” the extra version after beefing our steam acc nr, but it’s there should we want it)

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Thanks for telling me, just got it. Do you know of any other current free offers, or tips on how to stay updated with these offers?

This forum


Seriously, I never realised there were so many freebies until I started hanging out here, and that’s not even counting all the people that do their own giveaways in this forum. My library is now chockers with great games that I don’t have the time for, first world problems.