Outcast - Second Contact (DRM FREE - NOT STEAM KEY)


The redemption deadline is November 29th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific. You have 6 days left!

Immediately after 10AM Pacific on November 29th, the download will magically vanish as if it were just a figment of your imagination, leaving this cryptic message behind in its wake.


I was just about to post this.

I will say that from what I’ve seen, it’s easy competition for both Labor of Love and Best Environment in the Steam Awards.

I’ve been really looking forward to playing this game, but funds have been tight recently. I’m REALLY excited to try this out… my thanks go out to Appeal for doing this.

Still, it does leave me worried about how the game might have sold.

I also want to point out that the download is a single 6GB file, so that makes it a bit tough to download in some cases. It also might make backups a bit tough, but I’ll find a way. Time for a DVD cover, woot!


Thanks, Nick, but if you keep posting these regularly you’re gonna get a cool “Savvy Informant” badge before I can get my “Charming”, “Mighty Pirate” or even “Evil Gremlin Elmo” badges!


cheers good spot :+1:

tho, puzzling, :thinking: if

seems like the “keep” forever would sorta mandate people remember to make a backup and store. Because otherwise on uninstall when “done playing”, -the game would then be “gone forever”, no? :thinking:

anyways, thx for the reminder


Here’s an idea, we’ll tell the Chrono crew to give it to you first, and right after you got it, 1 second later, i get mine. How does that sound? :smiley:


I think Nick was joking? Haha :joy:

Also sounds great, Nick. You hold 'em down I’ll get the guns. I mean… convincing arguments.


For posterity’s sake and for anyone who doesn’t have a humble account here’s the magnet link for their official torrent of the game.


Just copy paste that into your favourite torrent client and you should be good to go.


@Gnuffi You’re welcome!

@coralinecastell I wasn’t joking, i copy-pasted the text that comes aside the download link, but the link itself that i posted here says “For a limited time, get Outcast - Second Contact for free and keep it forever” which is odd and can be misleading, and i didn’t notice that, so thanks Gnuffi for pointing it out!


Asking this for clarification only.

First Thank You for the post. Always happy to get a free game, they fit my budget very well :smiley:.

When I went to get the game this showed as time left to get the game:

Perhaps I’m in some time warp or alternative universe :alien:

Of course I may be misunderstanding, and you’re saying if we don’t install by November 29th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific, our download will no longer be good?

Backing up my PC to an external hard drive today and just want to make sure that I understand the limits on time.

Thank you.


the 48 hours/Nov 24th deadline is how long you have to claim the download, ie time frame to add to account/"go grab it"duration

the 7days/Nov 29th deadline is how long it stays available in your humble account for you to “click download”. After that the entry (should) disappear from your humble acc -and you wont be able to redownload it again after (if the disclaimer text is to be believed/accurate)

once downloaded it’s then yours to keep forever as a drm free copy (provided you make a backup you can use “whenever”&“forever” -otherwise your download disappears with uninstall/format/corruption etc, and can’t download again from humble past 29.nov)


Thanks, @NICK9X9. Been really distracted this morn/afternoon. But I got the download…


Thank You.


You’re welcome! And i wish i could split my internet speed with you and others so we can all download it in 5 minutes. :disappointed:


Well that downloader had 8 connections going at once…plus It has a resume feature which really saves my bacon! It’s one of those “free pro” programs.


What the heck, what about capybara enthusiast? So much treason.


That too, of course! :butterfly:


Ok you smarty pants chronies. I selected the bit torrent option for download and got an Outcast-7693-DRMFREE.zip.torrent file.

The problem is, I don’t torrent and never cared to try. I double clicked it and hoped it downloads itself, but nope. Technology can’t be that simple.

So I have to download a thing? Then put this zip file in the thing? Then poof, it downloads?

So which torrent program is easy for a non-user?

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It’s nice, I might not actually download it though, it’s just another big file to keep track of, that may never get used… I did claim it from the store, I just hope I can make a serious decision regarding whether or not to download it before the time limit is up.


Humble also offers a direct download so you wont have to use a torrent client if you don’t want to. Should you want a torrent client anyway then I’d recommend Download qBittorrent latest release no it’s probably not the easiest or simplest one, but it’s easy enough and works pretty much out of the box.


For those interested in grabbing this, I’ve been playing it - maybe not my cup of tea (graphics feel a decade old and story is cliche but also tongue-in-cheek recognizing it is cliche so it recognizes it’s own shortcomings, which usually comes off as funny but here feels…off? Hard to describe).

But I’m 94GB into seeding this and will seed rest of week (minimum) so enjoy the quick download times! :smiley: I love supporting devs that allow peer-to-peer distribution. :+1:

Edit: I’m 100% against pirating games (which is traditionally the stigma attached to P2P filesharing) but as a programmer I love the underlying technology that allows rapid, networked sharing. It’s one of the most underappreciated developments in networking for big publishers and businesses to give credit to or utilize. Big torrent fan, massive anti-pirate. :skull_and_crossbones: