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Outbreak is Free for VIP Members @GreenManGaming



Outbreak key of steam for who in the past bought something in the greenmangaming site.

To see if you are eligible to get the free copy:

If you will get -> SORRY YOU’RE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ACCESS THE VIP AREA YET. there is nothing you can do ;(

If you you are eligible, copy the coupon in the checkout and you will get the free copy


Rather doubt I’m VIP eligible as I can’t even seem to remember my GMG password. : )

But for anyone who feel like the lack of this game in their life is a serious setback it looks to be on a pretty high discount on steam so you can probably remedy that issue fairly painlessly.


@delenn13 Thanks for the heads up! I managed to claim it.

@Fraggles Thanks for your usual on point humoour. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m eligible but I have no idea why or how I became a VIP.


Weird, managed to log in. Though first the site completely shat itself in fear over the fact I’m blocking java scripts and had me jump through a few captcha hoops. Then it said I wasn’t VIP eligible and then the site reloaded itself and suddenly I was.

So now I can claim this $1 mixed reviewed game I have never heard about and was like the 15th result when searched on steam. Anyone really fancies a co-op survival horror game? Let me know and if the stocks haven’t ran out by then I’ll give you the key.


Sweet! I’m a VIP during a giveaway for once. xD


I’m somehow VIP, quite the low bar there. Seems to be out of stock tho.


I think, maybe, that all you need to do is subscribe.

Also, their Dark Souls Remastered price is good, I thought. Then, someone showed me a Steam Sale where it was 90% off. How in the actual heck did I not know of this?


Yup , i got it for like 3 euros BUT i think only people who already own PTDE gets that 90% off.