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OUT OF KEYS - Multiplayer EA Game "MisBits" for free for a limited time


MisBits up for grabs here, apparently due to low playerbase, looks fun to me:

Download is ~4.8 GB, install is 5.2 GB

Just tried it and while I had some connectivity issues, the game itself worked pretty bugfree :slight_smile:


so just sign up and they send a key?


In theory that’s what happens. I think they are a bit overwhelmed though, unclear when people are going to get keys, or if they have enough for everyone. I put in my email about 4+ hours ago, haven’t gotten anything yet.


My key came a little over an hour ago in my email.


I just checked my Spam folder, still nothing. It’s more than 12 hours now for me…


I checked the website and

We’re currently out of keys! Other free key promotions coming soon.

Oh well…


I know they are out of keys now, but just to make sure: Did a captcha pop up for you? It didn’t for me in Firefox, but did in Chrome for whatever reason.

Anyway, hope at least some of you managed to get a key :blush:


me neither and i entered my info around the same time as you
oh well back to doom eternal


just wanted to say i got my key