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Other Coin Uses


I’ve been pretty disappointed with the coin shop games as of late, so how about some other uses for the coins? Maybe an added discount on the daily deal if you pay X amount of coins, or some sort of voting system using coins to determine upcoming coin shop games and daily deals?

Only 8-bit platformers in the store?

Given the fact we get all this cool stuff for free + daily discounts, I would say we are in no position to complain :smiley:


I wouldn’t complain if it saw another use but for now I’m content with just building my fortune.


“WTB “old”/more emotes!” ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Good idea! :crazy_face:


That has already been suggested a few times:

I’m guessing there’s a good reason for why it hasn’t been implemented yet (and that reason is money).


yup, i’m thinking that’s a pretty solid bet :+1:
tho the example in that post were a bit on the exorbitant side on nr’s

it can be pretty easy to see why it could quickly become a costly affair
given how %'s work, combined with (probably) small margins on some games/sales more than others, even a 2-5% discount, from free coins, could end up eating heavily into a business profits

so to be even remotely possible, it would have to be weighed and calculated very carefully, (-which could also be a lot of work/effort to even begin assess); how many coins to X discount, when/where applicable and “its” price/cost
since 5% off a 30$ game is a heck of a lot more than off a 3$ deal, or even vice versa depending on the initial deal negotiation/margins,

especially since something like that then likely wouldn’t go over as well if being “limited” (meaning only X amount of discounts/customers could get it per day/sale), like it actually is now with the limited keys
the cost of 50,000x Xgame key, (poop, insurgency, brigador, etc.), can potentially be cheaper to “swallow”, than 1$ “bonus discount” applied to ≥50,000 customers/the possibility of the “unlimited” amount of customers+their bonus discounts


Should get some online gambling going. I see no way this could cause any problems.



Hey folks, I’ve just found this new cool site called Chrono Coins Lotto…


For every 20k coins, staff should dump an ice bucket on themselves. I’d pay to see that.


Chrono poker game where we bet with our coins. :diamonds::clubs::hearts::spades:


For every 50,000 coins spent, you get to see an animated jetpack hovering astronaut spontaneously combust.