"ORWELL" FREE on Humble Bundle for 48h


pretty cool game if u enjoy reading


Redeem your Orwell key before it expires on September 1 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Already have it. But got another key for later. Remember to keep the key in a safe place if you get an extra one. It will disappear in your account. Had it happen to me.:disappointed_relieved:


Nice! I had my heart remember this game, I have heard it’s pretty intense, In game we feel like surveillance. I love reading and looking for clues.

First it was Crashlands, then now this? How does it get any better than this?


Fantastic game :smile:

Can you guys suggest other games similar to this, except for the obvious sequel which I’ve already bookmarked for the next Steam sale.

It’s really unique and wildly similar to the layout and design of modern intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance software used by most governments. Albeit less checks and balances in the game, and it goes 0-60 hyper-Orwellian in the first hour which makes it interesting.

How does one apply for this kind of job I wonder?

I’d really want to be just like the player’s Avatar in the game in real life :rofl: