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ORIGIN PC RTS NEURON Worldwide Giveaway



for anyone that want a new pc here it is… origin Celebrating the launch of our new Ready-to-Ship NEURON gaming desktop starting at $1499, we’ve partnered with PewDiePie to give one of these award-winning desktops away to a lucky fan!

Enter for a chance to win an ORIGIN PC RTS NEURON powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU and AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU!*

here is the link

ps:just PAY attencion to the TAX if your the winner


yea, this could be a pretty expensive prize depending on where a winner lives
for Denmark winner could potentially have to pay almost 300$, not including custom’s handling, -and that’s if you get it cleared as a prize and they don’t just decide to make it go through as purchased goods/VAT (which would be more like 400$)


The best they can manage is a 2600 and a 2060? Gonna go enter a T Series giveaway instead…


Whats this “TAX” you speak of? I don’t see anything that has a price tag on it. Or anything that says you have to pay a nickel.


whats wrong with you going with t-series…


Valued at: $1499

plenty of places has you paying taxes on prizes/"winnings"
unless you just don’t report those things and cross your fingers no one is keeping track to come round and bite you in the butt later ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
-and that’s if they don’t just straight up nab it at customs and just have you pay an import fee/missing VAT of whatever they assess the retail value to be


when you buy something outside of the country ,you have to pay a tax(x2) that involves transportation from the company to your location ,most of the companys offer free transportation if you buy something of them over a certain price,and when the delivery comes to you´re house ,you pay and if it get reported/biing verify to the customs you have to pay the triple of the price of the product,anything you buy will have tax even 1 cent produt will have tax.




I’d gladly sell a few things to pay for a tax if need be if I won that beauty. The RAM and GPU alone cost a fortune.


glad to see some corporations do realize pewds isn’t actually racist/persona non grata and can see past all the BS; i never subbed to him, not my kind of thing, but i hate all that crap


GPU: ~$350. We’ll say $375
RAM: So it’s HyperX, which is likely $125. There are other RAM kits available for like $85.

Origin is a bit pricey for what you get in the box.

Prices USD


I entered cause hey why not?

If anyone wants to use My referral link I won’t complain :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting us know! I entered! :3


$85 for bad brands’ kits or for small GB kits. Once you want more RAM, it starts getting outrageous. Like that $125 and higher. Before that RAM factory burn down, it was extremely cheap. And now with the new type, it is even more expensive.

If I could find $85 for 8GB for a good brand, I’d be beyond stoked.

And that RTX 2060 will cost you $380-$400 for a good brand (MSI, EVGA etc) and $350-$370 for brands like Zotac.

At least here in the U.S as I have been recording it. So expensive. :sob:


Define good brand for RAM.

I used the average for the 2060 approximately.


Sure, no problem. I’d definite it as no high reviews of DOAs or defectives after a few months (such as on reddit, Newegg or other forums/stores), which means stuff like Team, Mushkin, ADATA (ugh) and Crucial (all of which, I have been the test subject of) tend to have exceedingly high DOAs or bad units. Not just for their RAM, but Crucial and ADATA’s storage solutions are not that great either.

So you can pay some cheap $ for a few months or a year’s worth of good use, or you can buy something that’ll last you years—like Kingston, Corsair (except generally their low tier PSUs), Samsung etc.

And oh wow, where do you live that $350 is the average for the RTX 2060? Are we talking the low tier kind with one fan etc?


What about G.Skill?

And I meant average when I said 375. The Zotac is 350.


I mean, look at that latency (yikes), but generally they have the same issues (look at the reviews across the G.Skill brand). DOA or defective units in a package, leaving a user with only one usable stick in a package that works as intended.

However, if I was going to get a cheap RAM, it would be G.Skill. I have it in a secondary PC that’s for browsing. I got the RAM for (16GB, 4000) for $100, and I only had to return it once to get a good full set. I mean if you can deal with the potentials that are very frequent in many of the reviews, you might get a solid set. That’s as opposed to the higher quality stuff you get from Samsung, Kingston, Corsair etc.

And I meant average when I said 375. The Zotac is 350.

Ah, okay, found it. Yea, the only ones that sell around that price are the low tier versions of the 2060, which I would never buy given you can get better for $50-100 more, but yea you’re right. If you settle on the low tier you can easily get this at that price.

I think this giveaway is using the NVIDIA one though, which is more powerful, but guess it doesn’t change how anyone entering a giveaway isn’t going to have the money to pay for the outrageous taxes. :joy:



I unfortunately am not familiar how latency affects performance. I have run into the one bad stick though. Currently running a Corsair 2400 mhz kit that replaced the G. Skill one. I got the G. SKILL one for $65 a couple years ago.


There’s a reason why some brands are cheaper than others unfortunately, though there was a time when all RAM was pretty damn reasonable. Though of course there are people who use these brands that never get an issue, there are even people who use (gasp) OEM RAM and also never have an issue, so it comes down to lottery on the lower brands.