[Origin] Free DLCs: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 & 3

You’ll have to go to your game library Origin and login.
Select one of the mentioned titles, navigate to the “Extra Content” pane, and get each DLC Bundle.

I happened to own 2 of those 4 game titles, and so I was able to get the following 2 DLC Bundles:

== Dragon Age: Origins DLC Bundle
Dive even deeper into the award-winning Dragon Age: Origins with 8 expansions, unique weapons and more. The Dragon Age: Origins DLC Bundle includes:


  • Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
  • Warden’s Keep
  • The Stone Prisoner
  • Return to Ostagar
  • The Darkspawn Chronicles
  • Leliana’s Song
  • The Golems of Amgarrak
  • Witch Hunt

Feastday Combo Pack — Contains Feastday Gifts and Feastday Pranks content.
Collector’s Edition bonus content — Includes the exclusive Blood Dragon Armor.
Dragon Age Origins armory bundle — Contains over 15 unique weapons and armor pieces, including Bregan’s Bow, Pearl of the Anointed amulet, The Wicked Oath ring and more.

== Mass Effect™ 2 DLC Bundle
Fight for the fate of the galaxy in huge new expansions, score extra firepower and more. The Mass Effect 2 DLC Bundle includes:


  • Kasumi — Stolen Memory
  • Overlord
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker
  • Arrival

Cerberus Network content

  • Normandy Crash Site expansion
  • Zaeed — The Price of Revenge expansion
  • Firewalker Pack
  • Cerberus Weapon and Armor pack: contains Cerberus Assault Armor and M-22 Eviscerator shotgun.
  • Arc Projector heavy weapon

Aegis Pack — Contains the M-29 Incisor sniper rifle and the Kestrel armor.
Equalizer Pack — Contains the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor and Inferno Armor.
Firepower Pack — Contains the M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol, M-96 Mattock heavy rifle and Geth Plasma Shotgun.
Alternate Appearance Pack 1 — Contains new outfits for Garrus, Thane and Jack.
Alternate Appearance Pack 2 — Contains new outfits for Tali, Grunt and Miranda.
Collectors’ Weapon and Armor pack — Contains Collector Armor and the Collector Assault Rifle.
Terminus Weapon and Armor pack — Contains Terminus Assault Armor and the M-490 Blackstorm heavy weapon.
Mass Effect 2 promo bundle — Contains Umbra Visor, Sentry Interface and Recon Hood.
Blood Dragon Armor


Nice, nice, nice!


Yeah, this is consequence of Bioware making them free since July of this year.


Thanks @markwr. Good find!

I have a question. I could have sworn that they had get for free buttons yesterday. Today some say Playbon Origin, which I can’t do without a computer. Did they change things?


Thanks @markwr :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: