Opinions on the Newly Added Coin Games: Dropsy, Slayaway Camp, & SotS: The Pit

Calling all forum members who either recently bought some new games on the coin shop or already owns some of the three new games!

Can we have some of your input before getting one or two of the new games? Yes I know they are (technically) free, but just like real money, I’d rather not waste my coins on a game I personally might not like.

Personally, the thing that caught my interest is Dropsy.

Dropsy because it’s been under my radar but I never grew up with point and click adventures (I don’t think the ones on the web like Newgrouns count). The screenshots have also stuck out to me and the whole “Dropsy just wants a hug” also got me.

Thanks in advance for anyone who’s gonna jump into this thread :slight_smile:


I got the Pit, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it since I had seen a YouTuber play it a long time ago, and I tend to enjoy many roguelike games.

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Dropsy is a very nice and beautiful game, made with a lot of love. I own the simple version on steam and that’s the only reason I didn’t pick it to buy with coins. This version has all the extras too. Out of the three new games on the store I feel like that would be best value as it is a relatively recent game and it’s good. The lowest this edition has been is 4$ on gog, according to enchanced steam. In comparison SotS the pit gold edition has been sold for 0.59. If you like the theme of the game I would say go for dropsy EDIT: slayaway is good value too (4.50 lowest) but I haven’t played it so I don’t have an opinion

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Dropsy looks fucking awesome! :slight_smile: Just bought it 2 minutes ago :smiley:

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Got Dropsy cus I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately. Pit just looked boring to me. After playing about an hour or so of Dropsy, I enjoy it but wish I’d have chosen Slayaway Camp instead.

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I got Slayaway Camp. I like puzzle games and, based on the reviews I saw, it has a ton of content to work through for a sliding puzzle game. Plus it has a great theme.

I have The Pit + gold edition already but not the Healer and Necromancer DLCs. The game is fun, a solid rogue-like game, but it takes a long time to get through a run so I haven’t finished enough of the game to say much about it overall.

And I don’t play many point-and-click games but I have heard good things about Dropsy.

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The Pit is a good game if you like turn based rogues. I already own it so I would snatch it if I didn’t. Dropsy and Slay Away do not look like my style of game, so I probablywill get Brigador in two days.

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I got Slayaway Camp since I always like puzzle games. The other games look nice, but I already have a couple roguelike games and didn’t feel like I need another. Also, I’m not a fan of point and click adventure games, so that’s why I didn’t get Dropsy.

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This was me when I saw that I could buy Dropsy.


I got the pit and thinking about Slayaway Camp Because…"Starring Mark Meer (Cdr. Shepard from Mass Effect) as “Skullface” and Derek Mears (Jason from Friday the 13th) as “Jessica” and “Slayaway Camp is the debut title from Blue Wizard Digital, a collaboration between former PopCap founder Jason Kapalka and indie developers Nate Schmold (Cosmochoria) and Ido Yehieli (Cardinal Quest)” ROFL…A gory, FUNNY PopCap game…How can I Lose?

P.S. Got Slay…Now I have to start all over again. …But I am working on my second streak…Get more points on certain days!

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I loved The Pit. I didn’t even know about the coins until today so I didn’t have enough or I would have grabbed a copy for a friend. The pit was just an amazing game if you don’t mind turn based strategy games.

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I’ve got Slayaway Camp because I already owned the other ones. I got to say it’s pretty darn fun.

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This thread is a great idea @kenathomos ! It’s like a user reviews section for coin shop games so people who are on the fence can decide if this is the time to redeem their coins or not.


Slayaway Camp here too.

It is very much like the Hitman Go games but better.

I highly recommend it, there is something quite satisfying seeing those horrible Minecraft styled, blocky people being mutilated for no real reason other than to progress.


I’d like them better if my coin streaks didn’t randomly get reset
I’d also like to actually get an email back telling me what’s going on and that they’ll fix the problem and give my streak back

I got The Pit with my coins. So far it has been a fun but hard game. It is a great rouge like game but you will need to read the wiki if you want to start carfting more then the most basic of stuff.

I took some screenshots and just decoded the language they used to code the text lol. Don’t like using wiki when I start a new game but felt it was fair as you can miss the useful text a lot of the time.

Only took me 2 runs with the engineer to find a bunch of the messages and decode enough of them in games to be used as well. But it was mostly luck I got some good parts or gear early in both runs.

Okay, so:

  1. Got Dropsy, already felt my stone heart softening. Bad jokes aside, it’s a really fun game, probably the first point and click adventure game that I like (remember, I didn’t grew up with those, so no Monkey Island, no Day of the Tentacle, no Grim Fandango, etc. etc. etc.)
  2. As much as possible, can we please stick to the topic? Not trying to be a dick but if you want to talk about something else not related to the thread title you can either: a) Make your own thread about it, or b) Find an existing thread about the topic you want to talk about, hope that you aren’t necroposting, and post there instead.

Other than that, thank you everyone for chipping in! I wonder if I can change the topic title so that this would only be pertaining to the three new games in the coin shop as of this thread. This way, if anyone wants to initiate a conversation about any new “Coin Game” (if you don’t mind, as a shortcut and unique context for this community, let’s call games on the coin shop "Coin Games’) on the shop, they are free to make their own thread.

EDIT: I was able to change the topic name :smile: