Opinions on Newly Added Coin Games: Surgeon Simulator & Legend of Dungeon

TIme for the usual thread since two new coin games have been added.

The two new ones are Surgeon Simulator and Legend of Dungeon.

I personally think most people should discuss Legend of Dungeon since everyone who has a freaking YouTube account already knows what Surgeon Simulator is (but that’s just me though).

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Neither of these games really interest me right now although I might get Legend of Dungeon later if I finish some of the other rogue-lites I have.

As I haven’t played the game I will just put what I know/think of the game:
Legend of Dungeon is a 2.5d style rogue-lite with a beat 'em up combat system and the game is, from what I can tell, more focused on co-op,up to 4 players and Local only, instead of solo play. Apart from that it is a standard version of a rogue-lite with random level generation, unlockable classes, more items than you can remember, and hidden properties for things like potions on each run.
The game also has a free early-access side game/app designed for stream viewers to let them help or interfere with streamers who are playing the game. This isn’t really used as the game came out 2 years before and no one seems to stream it at the moment.

I agree about Surgeon Simulator being everywhere but for my short description:
Surgeon Simulator is a comedy based game with weird physics where you must perform a variety of operations on patients in different environments.

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Yup, I was about to say something, but everyone should know Surgeon Simulator. Never finished it, though, ‘cause it got too difficult for my taste. Never got used to the controls.
Legend of Dungeon on the other Hand… I’d love to hear something about it, sine I love me a good ol’ rogue-like!

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Here’s a YouTube video for an older build, showing off the multiplayer, and the developers guest star in the chatroom answering all sorts of questions (look for the icon with the red G like “ChaoticKitty”).

My personal thoughts? Worth getting.

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Im immediately put off when i see that a game’s video on steam is from a random dude’s stream.
“We want the twitch audience” is never a good idea. Plus i’ve bought better roguelikes like Risk of Rain.

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Well,feeling sad that i can’t get surgeon sim even though it looks awesome cuz im about a 100 coins away from 2250 :frowning:
The games in shop this time are being bought reeaaalllyy fast tho, people must have skipped the previous round?

I believe they are in the sense that Circa Infinity, at the time, was a “new game” (I use the term loosely of course) and I think it’s safe to assume that very few of us have heard about it (including myself).

I think its safe to assume that a lot of people already owns Cook Serve Delicious so that might have also contributed to the whole “today’s new coin games are selling really fast” thing.

Personally, neither interest me. Legend of Dungeon looks good, but it’s outside my preferred genre.

Surgeon Simulator is one of those games that I would label “So bad, it’s good”, kind of like goat simulator. I know it’s not actually a bad game and that it has a lot of good things about it, but when one of the biggest selling points of a game is “the controls suck”, I tend to ignore it.

It’s not that surgeon simulator has bad controls, like, if you pay attention to what everything’s connected to and you have a bit of coordination the controls are perfectly fine, the problem is that even when you’re all good to go, the physics are a little more slippery then a jelly fish covered in lube sliding along a freshly shined smooth floor.

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Would just like to update everyone that the 2 newly added coin games have sold out but feel free to still talk about it for potential buyers on the Steam platform :slight_smile:

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