Opinions on Newly Added Coin Games: Chiptune Champion & I am Bread

You know the drill. Let’s talk about the newly added coin games.

I have just recently bought Chiptune Champion. This game has been under my interest since the day it has launched. I haven’t played this yet (since I have to leave my home in a couple of hours) so I won’t be able to actually give my whole opinion on the game yet. I think it’s really cool and I personally like Chiptune music. I have a good filling that if you like audio games or chiptune, then this might be the best mix-match of those two things.

I am Bread? Bored of it. I hold the same opinion of it like Surgeon Simulator. Lots of YouTubers have played it to the point that I’m not interested in it anymore.

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Not too interested in Chiptune Champion - never been one to play music-based tapping games.

Though I haven’t seen much gameplay of I am Bread, it never really interested me and seemed more like a YouTube craze that’s fun to watch others play but not too fun to actually play it due to its gameplay mechanics.

That’s just my 2 cents.

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I am really surprised, it has been out so fast, wasn’t interested in it really. I don’t think it can compete with osu! or stepmania for example and that is enough for me, but have fun whoever got it and whoever did not have a chance, try osu! or stepmania :slight_smile:.

I am bread would be fun as coach coop I guess, but it is not available for Linux, so a no for me as well.

I am quite interested in I am Bread but I am unlikely to be able to get another 2,000 coins before it runs out.

Would’ve loved to get Chiptune Champion but didn’t even have a chance cause it was sold out so fast. It reminds me of Frets on Fire if anyone knows it, pretty sure its a straight up copy of it actually…

I’m a few hundred coins short for I am Bread, but if its still there in 6 days, when I’ll have my 14 day streak, then I’m gonna pick it up, I kinda doubt that it will last that long though…

yehp its basicall frets on fire but for chiptune

Do you really want it or you just interested in it?
Send you a PM


Thank you so much Inferry for sending me a key! :heart_eyes: