openings favourites of anime

Mmm this theme is difficult for me but i begin


and yours?


OPM s2 op over s1 ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

some of mine

alright, i should probably try to contain it to a handful :no_mouth: :flushed:



Wolf’s Rain

Ghost Hound

and for cornyness



Without a doubt

But this one is a very close 2nd.

Honorable mention


that s2 excitement is real :blush:
:crossed_fingers: 2021 don’t bring the studio any more misfortune and s2 delays


So the first post was the ones that immediately sprang to mind, clearly those are the ones I like the most so that stands as the top. But a minute after posting 100s of OPs and even more EDs came scrambling into my brain demanding to also be posted. So in order for this to not become a mile long post I decided to think about criteria and what actually makes a good anime Op, since the thread asked for openings I’m going to limit myself to not just everything that has an amazing opening theme, but also need to have a great intro animation.

This limits things a bit more partly because there’s a lot of really good anime opening songs out there set to very cookie cutter formulaic intro animations. So what makes an intro good? Well in my opinion it needs to be interesting to watch, set the tone for the anime in question and of course it needs a catchy tune. So that’s something I think all these have in common but they all also have something a little extra.

The list has also been limited by the unfortunate state of youtube having removed a lot of old openings and since I want to showcase those I’m not posting anything that is just a song without the accompanying animation.

In no particular order then!

Tasogare otome X Amnesia. What this one brings above the established criteria is the same thing that makes the anime itself so appealing to me amazing colour designs and sharp contrasts that makes the whole thing just a pleasure to look at.

This is a master in it’s class not only does it set the tone for the anime beautifully it employs some of the best dance routine coordination ever animated rivaling the famous Haruhi ending. It also introduces almost all characters involved in the series and helps make it a lot less troublesome keeping track of who’s who because you get a primer at the start of every episode.

Short but really good, since it’s part of a series of 8 minute episodes it can’t waste much time and it makes good use of it’s 45s. It features the titular character animating and recording the intro itself and while most of them are the same, there’s one or two that comes with subtle differences which makes them fun to watch to see if you catch them. Though I am including it partly also so I can mention the Ed, which is even better.

Style and class, the art in this opening and series as a whole is stunning. I would have listed Sayonara Zetsubou sensei in a similar class as this one, if it was available.

I’ve got to be honest this one makes it in primarily on it’s music, but the animation is good enough to stand out and it serves it’s primary role very well, it really makes you want to watch the series and find out what this is all about.

It’s just a really very good intro isn’t it? A bit cookie cutter but it manages to get away with it some how, it just suits the series so well.

Oh no an ED… how’d this one sneak in here? And I couldn’t even find the animation. So I made a copy myself and uploaded it unlisted, lets see if it stays up… it was instantly copyright claimed and blocked.

Unanimated it is then.
If anyone actually really want to see it, you can download it here for 2 weeks from now.


An anime thread? Why yes, I will join.

They are in no particular order, too lazy for that, but…

(yes, all of the PART 1 Naruto openings)


I got to listen to these. My earphones’ voice: Battery low.


I was waiting for someone to post Again by YUI. FMA Brotherhood was such a good show and that OP is killer.

No JoJo fans?

The Noragami OP is super catchy too

And aside from Again, this is my favorite OP ever


I love Wolf’s rain. Such a unique and interesting story, somehow both hopeful and tragic. I’d consider it a work of art.


Meow! So sad I didn’t watch all the way to the end, but man, work of art indeed. I loves the large puppies.

Can’t believe I forgot this one: