Open For Debate: Far Cry 5 Controversy

So my last two topics stirred up a decent bit of discussion so let’s go for something a bit more recent this time. Far Cry 5 was announced and as a fan of the series i am pretty hyped. (totally not showing my bias here or anything) But it has come under fire from all sides of the political spectrum. For those of you who don’t know the game will be set in modern day America with the villains this time around being some redneck doomsday christian cult. Some are complaining that this is a political move against christian conservatives or a shot at rednecks. Some complain that it has no diversity in the villains. And there is a long list of other complaints that i am too lazy to list. Long story short, people on all sides are offended. So here is the topic this time: Is this game really that wrong?

My argument is: No it’s fantastic

Now before anyone jumps the gun, here me out. I started this series with Far Cry 3, i thought the game was pretty good, the story wasn’t award winning but we can all agree the first antagonist of the game stole the show. I then bought Far Cry 4 not long after it’s release and it now is my third favorite shooter (right behind Wolfenstein and Doom) I never played the first two Far Cry games but 3 and 4 both had you fighting eccentric villains in exotic locations. While the new Villain seems to follow the trend of eccentric villains (at least from what the released artwork shows) some might find the new setting uninteresting. While the new setting may seem everyday and a bit too close to home for the games American audience, the European and even Canadian players such as myself aren’t going to have the same attachment to the setting. I’ll get the matter of lack of villain diversity out of the way before i get to the villains themselves, there a cult of redneck doomsday Christians, what do you picture when you hear that? My guess is a bunch of white guys! Now on to the villains themselves, some hardcore Christians are offended by the villains being Christians. But I’d like to point out that these characters aren’t your average Christian, there extremist fanatics. In Far Cry 4 you could side with Sabaal (i hope i got the name right it’s been a while since i played the game) and his religious fanatics, i never sided with Sabaal or even really payed much attention to either side of the biggest asshole competition that was that game’s “heroes” so i can’t remember if they where supposed to be Hindu or some other religion, but I sincerely doubt that they where intended to represent the entire religion. Anyways if you sided with Amita you would end up fighting these religious fanatics, so this isn’t the first time you’ve killed religious fanatics in the series, just because their radical Christians doesn’t make them any less shootable than Sabaal’s fanatics, the point is there fanatics that actively antagonize the games protagonist and other characters and thus they are not representative of your average Christian, just like Sabaal isn’t representative of your average Hindu (once again i’m sorry if i’m wrong and they aren’t Hindu, it’s been a while) I personally am looking forward to the game, this isn’t the first time a game has used a christian cult as the villains, Outlast 2 also had a christian cult as it’s antagonists. I only hope the writing is as well done as the previous game (though i doubt they’ll pull the same shit like the last one in which the heroes where actually worse than the villain) and that the villain follows the trend of wonderful Far Cry villains. I don’t give a damn who the villains are in a shooter as long as the gunplay is fun and i have a decent reason to turn them into swiss cheese. This has been my longest starting argument so far and probably the least cohesive but tell me what you think about this topic, i look forward to seeing what people have to say. :grinning:


I don’t really get it, to be honest. It’s probably the generation of self-victimization that left its mark so that the average, christian american can finally feel triggered and offended for a change. (Please don’t take this as “SJW-ism”, I think both sides are horrendous!)
Personally I think the setting and story sound really interesting and make for a great variation on the usual Far Cry antagonist. Obviously it hits a little too close to home with the theme of religious fanatism, but we’ve been slaughtering terrorists of other beliefs in videogames before, so why should it be so terrible now?
TL;DR There is no controversy and I believe it is just good PR that we’re even talking about it.


Alright, I’ll bite.

I am a Christian. Not really a hardcore Christian but a Christian. Protestant to be exact. So there’s my background.

In my opinion, Christianity is about Love above all else, not atonement or rules. A Christian is to “Love his neighbor as himself,” which includes everyone. He is to be the good Samaritan. To help those in need. The rules and restrictions of Christianity are left to him to take upon himself, not force onto others. The Christian spreads the word through his deeds and friendship, not through force and debate.

This game is treading dangerously close to misrepresenting Christianity. If it presents the ideas of this cult as what Christians actually believe I will join the outrage. It’s not Ok to misrepresent Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, any religion. To truly examine the problems and benefits of a religion you need to present the actual religion and its beliefs in their entirety, something I don’t trust Ubisoft to do. However, if this is presented as a cult who’s twisted the ideas of Christianity then it could be an interesting examination of radicalizing an ideology. And it seems that’s what they’re doing. I did some digging after reading your post to bring myself up to date on what we know about the game and I found an interesting teaser. One of the teasers of the game introducing various characters and their motivations behind fighting the cult centers on a black pastor, sitting in the ruins of his church, mourning how his flock had been mislead by the cult’s false teachings, and resolving to become the wolf to save the flock.
This puts the game in an interesting spot. IF (big if) Ubisoft uses this character to represent Christianity as the thesis to the cult’s anti-thesis, this could be a very interesting game. However, if they just use him as a boring throwaway character that doesn’t even represent the ideals of his religion, then it’ll be much less interesting and much more annoying.

Basically what I’m trying to say in my jumbled, incoherent way is that it really comes down to how the Cult is represented in relation to Christianity. If it’s represented as twisting the message of Christianity to justify heinous acts, then this could be interesting. If it represents the Cult as a totally valid representation of Christianity then I’m going to join the outrage.


I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday.My God is a God of Love…Don’t judge…etc, etc, etc…

Rant ON: For crying out loud, people. .**IT"s A GAME!!!**Please get a life. If you don’t like it…don’t buy it. Turn it off. Don’t look at it…whatever. Use the OFF BUTTON. Stop being so whiny, judgmental and entitled. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Rant OFF; Now I feel better.:laughing:


The game takes place in central America, the victims in this case will be 9 times out of 10 your average christian. The sheer fact that this cult victimizes christians proves that they are not of the same belief, and thus not representative of christians as a whole. Just because a villain is a member of a larger group doesn’t mean the entire group shares there way of thinking, and it’s shallow minded to think that just because the bad guy is a christian or muslim or white or black or gay or straight does not mean they represent everyone who falls under a shared categorization. In the case of a game every named character will be treated as an individual and thus have individual beliefs separate from any other character. This time around our villain isn’t “all christians”, he will have a name and in true Far Cry fashion, will have a very unique personality. He is a cult leader and will surround himself with likeminded people willing to carry out his orders. Even if these cultists go around quoting the bible as they kill people they still won’t be misrepresenting christians, because there not christians, they’re a radicalized doom cult and anyone who can’t tell the difference between that and any proper christian faith lacks the critical thinking to present a proper argument. To sum up this mess of a rant, they can’t be representatives of christianity because they’re beliefs are too warped to resemble an actual church, the victims our protagonist will save will be christians and anyone else unfortunate enough to caught in the mess and anyone who actually mistakes the walking target practice we call bad guys for actual christians needs to get their shit together.

I would not put it past Ubisoft to represent this radicalized version of Christianity as something that’s totally viable under the Bible (even though it’s not). And if they do, it will cause controversy that’ll boost sales. People will talk about it, some people will call 'em out on it, and it’ll just add fuel to the fire that’s the religion debate.

All I’m saying is that this could go either way. It just boils down to how Ubisoft presents it.

Okay sooo I’ve watched all the trailers again to see if my judgement was correct (at least to me)
Just to be clear, I am not a christian and I don’t believe in anything and I don’t have anything against religion, except when people try to force it onto you. I could say I hate religion as much as I like it since it’s what humans makes of it that changes everything.
Some people think it is about love like Gathos, and man you are right and are a good person, you are the part of religion that I like.
But in this damn world, there is tons of people that don’t think like Gathos and force it onto other people, by being pushy or menacing or violent or becoming killers themselves (yes from the smaller to the worse). Be careful I don’t say that it is the majority, and those people shouldn’t have the opportunity to represent the religion they think they’re in and the pushy is acceptable while the killer is not (those aren’t the same type of persons obviously).
You want examples? Terrorism. Not every terrorist of course but some claim to do that for god which is the mightiest bullshit you can hear. THIS is the part that I hate about religion, extremism.

I’ve never played a Farcry game, thought they were interesting and I may play them one day. But this one really interest me. It’s about a thing that a lot of people can relate to while not being in the exact same situation (hopefully).
Sadly, I’ll say a thing that maybe a lot of people won’t like but those vilains doesn’t misrepresent christianity. Why? Because that’s what people make of the religion that makes it be something. They represent christianity in the WORSE WAY POSSIBLE, being killers and maybe doing worse things. This is a part of christianity, the wrong part that assholes made it be. (dunno if you follow me) What I mean is, like in everything there is a good part and a bad part, this game is about the bad part. I don’t know if something this wrong happened anywhere in reality, but it could be. Sadly, when someone kill in the name of god, they’re still believers, wrong believers that doesn’t respect the rules about their own religion, but they believe that what they make is good (when it’s not).

This is a difficult subject, Gathos for example is a good person that respect his religion even if he doesn’t respect all the rule that have been writen (like you said,you believe it’s not about atonement or rules). He represent the good part of christianity, the one I wish should be for everyone else. (If you didn’t follow me or have questions I’ll be happy to answer, just don’t think that I attack religions or anything and let’s talk :stuck_out_tongue: )

So from what I’ve said you may have understood what I think about it? I really like the idea to put us in a situation so close to our daily lives while being in the extreme. Those people are christians extremists, fanatics. To be honest, it’s one the worst type of people on earth for me. So getting revenge, or protecting something good against those people? I’m okay with it. As much in real life as in a video game, I think they don’t deserve to live on this planet. They’re kinda the cancer of religion to be honest. Taking lives for their own beliefs, this is not acceptable.

So yeah I’m totally okay with the subject Ubisoft took, and I think a lot of people are butthurt because they attack something close to them. Or they’re over protective or they’re in the wrong themselves and don’t want to be represented.

I’ll say it again, this game doesn’t represent christianity, but it represent the BAD christianity.


Not quite the same way i articulated it but i get your point, to be fair the bible also says you can’t wear mixed fabrics… this is why i’m not a creationist or a bible thumper despite my christian beliefs. The bible and all other religious texts for that matter are outdated works of a much more violent and conservative time. It’s often the extreme parts of these texts that radicals base their views on. Now i don’t know if the villains in FC5 are going to be bad because they have an unrelated motive or belief or if they are warping the bible to justify their means. Either way they are not your average practitioner, they don’t represent the whole, they represent the radicals. Radicalism can be applied to any ideology whether it’s religion, feminism, communism, capitalism or any other ideology. Radicalism is the underlying evil, and your right to say that alot of people fail to accept that a radicalized version of their own belief can be evil.

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I propose that there be no more villains. All games should be about cooperation between multiethnic, gender-balanced groups.And all characters must be non-CIS.