ONLY a question...

This is by no means a knock against Chrono in any way, I mean come on, they give away free games for virtual currency that you earn by simply doing one small thing and the great deals everyday to boot are amazing. Now that’s out of the way… the lack or absence of games in the coin shop is mildly depressing. When I found out about, there were probably over a dozen games, one of which I would have got if it weren’t for the lack of coins in my possession. So the question is… Does Chrono ever do more than two games at a time every two weeks? I mean it isn’t much of a shop if there is no merch to spend my “not so hard earned coins” on. Please remember, I’m not putting Chrono down, we all love what they do here, myself included.


It’s the case that because of limited keys and now a larger population of users that you just have to be quick about looking at the specific time when the games are being updated.

In the past, and rarely, we have had some benefit of having more than 2 at once. The recent disappearance of all of the games from the coin shop has been a relatively new thing.

All in all, every other Friday, a few moments after the daily deal is posted, you can expect 2 new games in the shop. The next set of games will be this Friday, so look forward to it.

The Chrono staff does a wonderful job providing free games for us, so I would say just take it as it is. If you miss something, then maybe something else will catch your eye in another 2 weeks. 4 potentially free titles as long as you have coins per month is a pretty nice subset addition to any Steam library.

I hope you stick around, because there are also lots of users who post giveaways at a steady rate, so you will have plenty of opportunities to get other free games as well.



I definitely get what you mean. I watched the latest 2 QUICKLY disappear, but I still had plenty of time to make up my mind. I have ideal conditions for this that most don’t have. So if you didn’t even get a chance to see the games let alone get one and then have to sit through a 2 week drought I think some frustration is understandable. I can’t say I don’t feel the same sometimes at least to some extent.

Yes! This is an EXCELLENT point!