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Oniken giveaway-Closed!


I will keep this way simpler than @ohko does but hey, i’m lazy . If you want to participate just copy / paste this ’ I want to participate ’ in your reply and i will choose a winner using random number generator.

Prize :

Rules :

  1. Your forum account must be at least 1 week old
  2. You need to have at least 4 badges
  3. You need to like sloths

Giveaway will run 'till some random time at Sunday because i’m bad with time zones. We sloths only have one zone - slow zone.

Clarification : There will be posts which are not entries so the way i will do it is count all the correct entries and do '1 to x ’ format number. So dont be afraid just to post even if not entering , it will not affect winning chances of anyone in any way.


Someone else wants to participate.

It’s tempting, but I am sure someone with more time on their hands and fewer games could benefit a lot more… hehe.

Thank you though! :+1:


I want to participate
Do I get special treatment because I love sloths? Haha thank you for a simple but great giveaway!


Not going to participate, not my style of game, just passing by to thank you for the giveaway >.< good luck peeps!


You get special spot in my heart! :smiley:




I want to participate,
Gusto kong lumahok, (Filipino)
Wǒ xiǎng cānjiā, (Chinese)
'urid 'an ‘usharik, (Arabic)
Je veux participer, (French)
Makemake wau e komo, (Hawaiian)
Sanka shitai, (Japanese)
YA khochu uchastvovat’, (Russian)

Translated it to 7 different languages for more effort (and not because I don’t have anything to do in my spare time :<).

thnx <3


’ I want to participate ’ in this grand tournament


I’m super bad at platformers like this I think.

Love sloths though. :heart:


I want to participate , thanks


Rule 3 kinda feels like it ought to be a rule for all humans.

Not looking to compete, just dropping in to share the love of sloths :purple_heart:


I want to participate

Thank goodness for Ctrl+C Ctrl+V


’ I want to participate ’

and i really do like sloths, not just saying for the sake of giveaway, but sloths always look like they wanna hug you… and i wanna hug em back

thanks for the giveaway


I want to participate
I actually really love sloths. For an early bday gift I bought myself a picture of … you know what lemme just show you.

I also really love the sloth bear, but I’m a bigger fan of the 3 toed sloth vs the 2 toed.


’ I want to participate ’ …yes sir………no sir …….


i want to try :smiley:


I want to participate


Everyone step aside the Giant Ground Sloth is taking this giveaway over!


I won’t be taking part in this one, it doesn’t really seem like my kind of game, but I will say that sloths are indeed pretty cool.
Admittedly, if I had to create a list of my favourite animals, sloths wouldn’t be that high, but if I had to rank my favourite mammals they’d be near the top for sure!


10/10 giveaway my dude not participating tho